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Show in Style!

Sep 29, 2015

Do you take part in dog showing? Whether you simply join in with local shows and events or are competing at national level it is vital that your dog looks and feels his best in the show ring. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look! How to Prepare for a Dog Show Firstly, prior to competition it is vital to ensure your canine friend is in optimum health. Health is of paramount importance to...

Medical Detection Dogs ‘Dogs Saving Lives’.

Aug 28, 2015

Have you heard of medical detection dogs? The pioneering organisation has the slogan ‘dogs saving lives’ and truly does just that by orchestrating the training of dogs to aid their owners. These clever canines help those that are suffering from potentially life threatening conditions such as diabetes, narcolepsy, addisonian crisis and those that suffer with severe allergies. Assistance dogs t...

Where do dogs come from?

Aug 11, 2015

Scientists have discovered  that dogs were the very first creatures domesticated by man. Extensive research into the topic and how our canine friends came to be as unearthed fossils buried alongside humans, which DNA studies have indicated are over 32 000 years old. Scientists do generally agree that dogs originate from wolves. Their wolf ancestors slowly became domesticated as they associated...

Summer Joint Care for Canines

Jul 28, 2015

During summertime our canines often become more active with additional walks on sunny evenings and plenty of running around in the garden. If your dog is finding the extra exercise a challenge- he may need a dog joint supplement in his diet. Our dogs are at their happiest when they are able to partake in regular exercise such long walks in the countryside, days out or simply enjoying playing w...

Support your Canines with Canine Joint Right

Jan 05, 2015

The continued wet, cold weather in some cases is causing our canine's joints to suffer. Winter time can often cause our dogs to have reduced levels of mobility and flexibility, limiting their enjoyment in life and resulting in our furry friends finding tasks such as jumping into the car or going down the stairs more of a struggle. Our dogs are at their happiest when they are able to undertake r...

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