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The Effect of Diet on Insulin Sensitivity in Horses

Mar 22, 2017

The expression ‘you are what you eat’ is well known, but many horse owners forget that it is as true for horses as for people. Whilst we all want to give our equines the best feed possible, improve their condition, hoof health and coat shine, not to mention their performance, sometimes we go too far… Insulin is a hormone that is produced by cells that are present within the pancreas. The action...

Avoiding Equine Insulin Resistance Laminitis

Jul 24, 2016

Insulin Resistance is a condition which effects horses and means that their bodies do not process glucose properly. Similar to Diabetes in humans the condition can be dangerous and debilitating. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look in our latest blog... Glucose itself is a fuel and provides energy for the horse at a cellular level and Insulin acts as a vehicle for this glucose deliveri...

Spring Laminitis

Jun 02, 2016

Laminitis is a condition sadly affecting many horses and ponies, particularly during the Spring months when the grass is of optimum quality as a result of the typical "rain, shine weather" the  UK often experiences. Recent weather has seen the flora of the countryside simply explode with life and colour, but though our equines will gladly tuck into the rich grasses, horse owners must be vigilan...

Why are Dogs Scared of Thunder?

Apr 15, 2016

Does your canine friend cry or tremble during bad weather or even go into a complete panic upon hearing the first clap of thunder? In our latest blog we take a look at why our dogs fear bad weather, storms and the noises that go with them and what we, as dog owners can do to combat the problem. March and April this year has brought with it the cliché sunshine and showers weather so common here...

Caring for our Horses and Ponies in Winter

Jan 18, 2016

After the prolonged wet, muddy conditions the weather is finally taking a colder turn. So this week Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at winter feeding in our latest blog to give horse owners a helping hand with plenty of tips and advice to get through the colder time and ensure their equines maintain optimum health and wellbeing. During the winter our horses and ponies require addi...

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