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Caring for our Horses and Ponies in Winter

Jan 18, 2016

After the prolonged wet, muddy conditions the weather is finally taking a colder turn. So this week Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at winter feeding in our latest blog to give horse owners a helping hand with plenty of tips and advice to get through the colder time and ensure their equines maintain optimum health and wellbeing. During the winter our horses and ponies require addi...

Beating the Bulge!

Sep 01, 2015

Is your horse or pony looking a little porky as a result of the wonderful summer weather and ample grazing? All equines can suffer from obesity as a result of over feeding and lack of exercise but breeds, such as native types can be notoriously difficult to keep a healthy weight on modern pasture.  Breeds such as Highlands, Shetlands and New Forest ponies have evolved to survive on barren lan...

Supplementing the equine diet with MSM

Jul 21, 2015

When your equine is a hard-working competition horse it is essential to assess whether your horse or pony has the condition and the fuel he needs to perform. Offering a balanced diet is essential to every equine’s health and well being alongside the combination of sufficient and correct exercise. Achieving optimum body condition and fitness means that your exercise and feeding programme must ...

Weight Watching this Winter

Nov 21, 2014

We have all had a particularly wet and mild start to the autumn/winter season and some of our equine’s waistlines may not have taken the usual weight reduction which is typical for this time of year.  For many horse owners this can be seen as a good thing as it lessens the worries about ‘poor-doers’ struggling to maintain weight as we enter into the winter. However, for those horses and ponies...

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