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Taking Care of Your Veteran this Season

Oct 16, 2013

As a result of improved equine care and veterinary progression in recent years the majority of our horses and ponies are living longer. This means we get to enjoy our beloved equines for longer but it does also dictate that we, as horse owners, have to learn what our veteran equines need to protect their health and welfare in their older years.  Each equine is an individual and some of our hors...

Maintaining Equine Hydration During the Summer Months

Jul 05, 2013

During high levels of exercise and when temperatures increase during the summer months it is vital that we ensure our horses and ponies are drinking sufficient levels of water to maintain optimum health. Water is a macronutrient and supplying sufficient quantities is essential to the body’s functioning. Alongside buckets of water, providing ample forage in the diet can help to retain water in t...

Glucosamine for Dogs

May 03, 2013

A healthy lifestyle for the Canine involves regular exercise, bonding time between dog and owner and a nutritious, balanced diet. A good diet must supply all the necessary nutrients; including ample protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals. A busy, healthy dog that is undertaking regular exercise including long walks, days out or simply enjoying playing with other dogs or their owner, ...

Essential Electrolytes

Apr 12, 2013

With the Eventing season upon us it is time to get organised and make sure your equine kit contains Electrolytes with MSM and Vitamins; crucial for your horse's recovery after competing. When travelling, competing, in hot and humid environments or when stressed, your horse sweats! This action of sweating is actually beneficial as it allows our horses to reduce their body temperature as the swea...

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