Equine Summer Hoof Care

Jun 21, 2013

Hoof care is a vital part of summer management for anyone that owns horses. The summer weather can cause our equines feet to dry out, leading to problems such as cracks, heat and bruises. Any horse that has ‘poor feet’ will fare worse in drier months when there’s less moisture, and the ground has more concussive forces. Remember the quality of the horse’s hoof growth is linked to their nutriti...

Nicola Gillespie-Crolla's Story

Jun 14, 2013

Scientific Nutritional Products are proud to support Scottish Grand Prix Dressage rider Nicola Gillespie Crolla and her team of horses. Nicola is the current Scottish Dressage Champion at Advanced Medium and Prix St George level. She bases her whole yard of horses on Competition Horse Supplement after initially using the supplement for one horse who became injured. Nicola says that since using ...

Beat The Heat!

Jun 05, 2013

With summer on the horizon and the warmer weather finally kicking in it is important to consider how your canine friends will cope with the increase in temperature. Dogs, just like humans, can suffer in hot weather resulting in conditions such as dehydration, exhaustion, sunburn and heatstroke. So to ensure your canine friends enjoy the summer months and maintain optimum health and wellbeing Sc...

Canine Grooming and Care

May 22, 2013

With summer on the horizon why not give your canine friend a spruce up ready for the warmer weather; it certainly will be time well spent! Regular grooming is important for your dog and good care and maintenance of his skin and coat allows your dog to remain clean and healthy. A good grooming session prevents the build up for dirt and bacteria in your canine's coat and limits the risk of yeast ...

Glucosamine for Dogs

May 03, 2013

A healthy lifestyle for the Canine involves regular exercise, bonding time between dog and owner and a nutritious, balanced diet. A good diet must supply all the necessary nutrients; including ample protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals. A busy, healthy dog that is undertaking regular exercise including long walks, days out or simply enjoying playing with other dogs or their owner, ...

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