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New Calmer Equine
New Calmer Equine
New Calmer Equine
New Calmer Equine
New Calmer Equine

New Calmer Equine

Premium Magnesium Horse Calmer to help reduce stress and anxiety

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Horse Calmer ideal to help reduce stress and overall anxiety

Magnesium Calmer Equine supplement has been specially formulated to help manage nervous, anxious and spooky horses. This high specification calmer for horses contains optimal levels of high grade Magnesium and B Vitamins. This high quality horse calming supplement made with essential anti-stress minerals comes with free UK delivery and many 5* reviews from happy customers.

Your horse or pony’s day to day is an absolute joy and privilege to be a part of whether you are competing, enjoying riding club and pony club activities or simply enjoying the countryside when hacking. Magnesium Calmer Equine is an essential part of your nutritional kit to help your horse be more settled, focused and ultimately happy in their work.

Horses and Ponies can be stressed and show anxious excitable behavior for all sorts of
reasons. This can especially show when they are travelling and competing, or being ridden solo away from home or on box rest. This effective horse magnesium calmer helps relax muscles and the nervous system.

Try our Horse Magnesium Calmer if your horse is excitable and unfocussed at a competition, being spooky and nervous when ridden or just being difficult to handle in every day care. This supplement is ideal where digestive problems are NOT an issue.

What’s in Magnesium Calmer Equine at a glance?
● High Grade Magnesium in bioavailable form to aid effective absorption
● Anti-stress B Vitamins

Is Magnesium Calmer Equine for my horse or pony?
Ideal for horses:
● Lacking in concentration or too excitable at a Competition
● Nervous when travelling
● ‘Mare ish’ and Irritable
● Spooky and Anxious when ridden
● Difficult to handle in the stable or when being led to field

Will my Horse/Pony like taking Horse Magnesium Calmer Equine?
● Great tasting powder easily mixed with feed or fed from hand

Is Horse Magnesium Calmer Competition Safe?
● Contains NO doping ingredients such as valerium
Does NOT contain Tryptophan
Does NOT compromise performance

Have any questions?

Magnesium Calmer Equine gives you flexibility. It can be fed leading up to stressful events for example travelling and competition or it can be fed daily to help horses who are maybe difficult to handle or spooky when ridden.

Unlike many products on the market, Magnesium Calmer Equine does NOT contain tryptophan. Calmer Equine Plus can be fed safely and will NOT affect performance.  Our products DO NOT contain any prohibited substances and therefore DO NOT contravene any FEI or Jockey club Regulations.

Most horses will need to be given this Horse Calmer daily for 5-10 days for any difference to be seen.  All horses are different and will have a different response to Horse Calmers.

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