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Glucosamine for Dogs

I came across Horse Supplements Direct when I was looking for a Joint Supplement for my horse. I was so impressed with how it helped with her mobility that I recommended their ‘Canine Joint Right’ to a client who’s dog was showing signs of stiffness and was reluctant to exercise. My client’s dog responded so well I now regularly recommend their supplements to my clients.

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My horses are much more relaxed and easy to work with!

I am the founder and manager of a horse and animal rescue charity and an Equine Rehabilitation Centre and have in my many years of training, competing and rescuing horses experience and seen quite a lot in every...

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Horse Joint Right Supreme

My horse is no longer stiff and out of retirement!

I had to retire Action Man at 14 due to stiffness in his joints. He was my first horse and hence destined to have the rest of his days in comfort with me. A couple of years later a friend...

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The importance of Water

When formulating a diet plan for your horse water is often somewhat overlooked as a key nutrient. However this crucial substance makes up more than two thirds of the horse's body and is the single biggest resource allowing the body systems to function. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look in our latest blog. The water content of a horse weighs in at a huge 68-72% of their total body we...

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Why Do Dogs Lick Us?

Whether they are small or large many of our canine friends choose to lick us, their owners and loved ones. It can be wonderful to receive 'doggy kisses' but sometimes it is just simply too much. Often dogs lick us in order to display their affection but there are actually a variety of other reasons our canine friends shower us with 'licks of love'. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look i...

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