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Pure Distilled MSM

Premium Horse MSM for good health and peak fitness

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Pure Distilled MSM - 99.9% Purity

  • Soothes Muscles and Joints
  • Encourages effective Blood Circulation
  • Essential for Good Immune system and Lung function
  • Promotes Healthy Hair and Hoof Growwth
  • Optimises Natural Recovery following Exercise

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Why our customers use Pure Distilled MSM time and time again...


    Pure Distilled Horse MSM vital to help maintain Good Health and Peak Fitness

    Our MSM for Horses is a 99.9% pure Human Grade quality supplement and is essential for Joints, Muscles, Hooves, Lung Function and the Immune system. It is also a key nutrient to optimising a horses recovery time following exercise. This Horse MSM supplement comes with free UK delivery and has received many 5* reviews from happy customers.

    Your horse or pony’s day to day is an absolute joy and privilege to be a part of whether you are competing, enjoying riding club and pony club activities or simply enjoying the countryside when hacking. Horse MSM is an essential part of your nutritional kit to maintain your horse or pony’s fitness and keep them in the very best of health.

    What are the benefits to feeding MSM for Horses?
    Research shows Horse MSM:
    Soothes Muscles and Joints
    Encourages blood circulation
    Vital for healthy cells and cell rigidity
    Supports cartilage, joint flexibility and mobility
    Essential for good immune system and lung function
    Promotes healthy hair and foot growth
    Optimises natural recovery time following exercise

    Is Horse MSM for my horse or pony?
    Ideal for:
    ● Hard working/competition horses
    ● Horses in light work
    ● Older horses
    ● Horses looking in poor general health
    ● Horses with dull coats

    Will my Horse/Pony like taking MSM?
    ● Great tasting powder easily mixed with feed or fed from hand



    Have any questions?

    MSM is Methylsulphonylmethane and is an organic form of bio available sulphur which is naturally present in the cells of all plants and animals. MSM is a constituent of vitamins, co-enzymes and antioxidants which are essential for good health and peak fitness.

    Distillation is the process of purifying MSM that uses heat to separate pure MSM from impurities and by-products through unique boiling points. In comparison, other suppliers of MSM use a crystallization process. Distilling MSM ensures 99.9% purity, which means no contamination and is the ultimate in quality.


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