Robust Hoof
Biotin for Strong Healthy Hoof Growth
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Biotin for Horses

Biotin for Strong Healthy Hoof Growth

  • Advanced formulation of Biotin, Methionine, Calcium, Lysine, MSM and Bioplex minerals
  • Promotes growth of New Healthy Hoof
  • Ideal for Cracked, Weak and Crumbly Hooves
  • An Essential Nutrient Supplement


Biotin for Horses Biotin for Horses

Robust Hoof

Biotin for Strong Healthy Hoof Growth
Key Benefits

Robust Hoof is a complementary feeding-stuff designed to provide Essential Nutrients needed to regenerate Strong Healthy Hoof growth replacing weak and crumbly hoof horn.

Weak and cracked hooves that will hardly ‘hold a shoe’?

This is an all too common problem experienced by horse owners. Robust Hoof’s regeneration Formula is essential for strong healthy feet needed to hold a shoe.

  • Contains all essential building blocks needed for Healthy Hoof Growth - Biotin, Methionine, Lysine, Bioplex Minerals & MSM
  • Promotes strong and healthy foot growth
  • Ideal for horses and ponies prone to losing shoes
  • Great supplement to give horses prone to weak feet, i.e. Thoroughbreds, feet recovering from laminitis
  • A great tasting powder easily mixed in with feed

      High Specification and great Value for Money – Only costs 35p per day based on 4kg tub at maintenance level


      Detailed Benefits

      No foot, no horse! Hoof horn is composed mainly of protein materials strengthened by keratin. Keratin is a special hard type of protein which acts like a form of super glue to give the hoof a tough rigid structure.

      Robust Hoof has been specially formulated to provide the nutritional building blocks needed to grow healthy hoof horn thus helping the foot to become a tough rigid structure.

      Contains Biotin
      Biotin is a water soluble B group vitamin widely distributed in feed stuffs but often in a form unavailable to the animal. Cereals, with the exception of maize, are particularly poor sources. Performance horses fed on high levels of cereals and cereal by-products may be biotin deficient. Feeding biotin is the most successful method for improving hoof quality in horses and other livestock. It works mainly because of its role in the production and deposition of keratin. To be fully effective it needs the addition of other nutrients which are essential to build up the rest of the hoof structure.

      Contains MSM
      MSM is a naturally occurring form of bioavailable sulphur, often deficient in feedstuff's. It is an essential component of connective tissue, the proteins which make up muscle, joints, skin, hair, hoof horn and keratin. Many people who use MSM themselves report that their fingernails grow faster and are less brittle. MSM has the same effect on the horses hoof.

      Contains Inositol
      Inositol works in synergy with biotin. It is essential for the production of lipoproteins which carry nutrients in the blood stream to the hoof tissues.

      Contains Methionine & Lysine
      Proteins are made up of amino acids. Most amino acids can be synthesized by the body but methionine and lysine must be provided in the diet. These are vital building blocks in the construction of the hoof.

      Contains Zinc, Copper & Manganese
      These trace minerals are essential for the proper functioning of many enzyme systems. They play a part in the formation of keratin and collagen which are vital for sustaining healthy skin, hair, cartilage, bone and hooves. We have provided all of these minerals in organic (Bioplex) form which are more available to the animal and do not interact with other nutrients in the diet.

      Contains Cooked Whole Linseed
      One of the best natural sources of available biotin. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are involved in the production of lipoproteins. The effectiveness can quickly be seen by the improvement in coat condition which is made up of similar proteins to hooves.

      Formulation Table
      Biotin 400,000mcg/kg
      Zinc Bioplex 3,000mg/kg
      Manganese Biopl. 3,000mg/kg
      Copper Bioplex 1,000mg/kg
      MSM 5.40%
      Methionine 5.30%
      Lysine 0.50%
      Inositol 667mg/kg
      Calcium 21.1%
      Phosphorus 1.60%
      Protein 8.9%
      Oil 6.4%
      Alpha Linolenic acid (Omega 3) 3.7%
      Fibre 2.5%
      Feeding Guidelines

      Feeding Guidelines
      A complementary feeding stuff to be mixed with the daily feed as directed.

      Animals of 13 hands and over: For hooves that are cracked and crumbling feed 1 level measure (75g) per day. It will take between 3 and 6 months for healthy hoof horn to regenerate.

      To maintain hooves in good condition once new growth is well established feed half a measure per day.

      For ponies below 13 hands in height feed half of the above amounts.

      A 4kg tub contains 50 days supply at full measure and 100 days at maintenance level.

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