Safety when Hacking and the UK’s Bridleways

Jun 23, 2017

The warmer weather and longer evenings June has brought, has inspired we equestrians to get out hacking and enjoying the countryside! However in order to enjoy hacking our horses and ponies to the full it is essential that we are up to speed with our riding and road safety knowledge and where we can ride off the road to enjoy the UK’s bridleways. Our horse’s are flight animals and this means t...

Teaching your Dog Useful Tricks and Commands!

Jun 15, 2017

Teaching your canine friends a few tricks can provide fun for dog and owner alike and gives loving dog owners another mechanism to interact positively with their four-legged friends. Many tricks can also have a truly practical purpose, such as ensuring your dog sits still when required for their safety, at the vets or when tackling obstacles when out on walks! When you are training your dog to ...

Weight Control on Lush Pasture

Jun 08, 2017

After what has seemed like months waiting for the grass to grow after recent downpours our pastures are finally springing up. For many of us that means increasing our horses turnout or moving them to their summer fields, but how do we manage this transition with due care and attention to the sensitive equine digestive system? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look in our latest blog. Spri...

Taking up New Hobbies with your Dog

Jun 02, 2017

Your dog loves spending time with you and what better than to start a new hobby or pastime with your canine friend? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at a few, fun activities you can undertake with your canine friend! Dog Showing Prior to undertaking showing classes it is vital to ensure your dog is in optimum health. Health is of paramount importance, so ensure your dog is being pro...

Keeping horses sound

May 23, 2017

Few of us are fortunate enough to ride horses that are permanently sound in mind, body and limb! The nature of riding means that lameness is infuriatingly commonplace, and as the technical level of competition increases, so do the risks of injury. Then there are the unavoidable accidents, genetic or hereditary conditions and problems associated with illness or simply old age. We cannot wrap our...

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