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Horse Joint Right Supreme

High Specification Horse Joint Supplement for mobile healthy joints

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Maximise Joint Mobility Essential for Supple Healthy Joint Health Premium Glucosamine, Chondroitin, HA & MSM Ideal for Older Horses and Horses in Hard Work

Robust Hoof

Premium Biotin for Horses for strong healthy hooves

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Premium Biotin, Methionine and MSM Promotes Strong Healthy Hoof Growth Essential for Cracked, Split and Brittle Hooves Ideal for Thoroughbred/Horses with Weak Feed

Calmer Equine Plus

Dual approach High Specification Horse Calmer to help reduce stress and anxiety

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Premium Grade Magnesium and B Vitamins Helps reduce Stress and Anxiety Prebiotics and live Probiotics for Digestive calm Ideal for Spooky, Nervous and Excitable Horses

Pure Distilled MSM

Premium Horse MSM for good health and peak fitness

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Maintains Good Health and Peak Fitness Essential for Joints, Muscles and Hooves Vital for good Immune System and Lung Function Optimise Natural Recovery Time following Exercise

Horse Electrolytes with MSM

Premium Horse Electrolytes optimising recovery after exercise

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Helps Horses to ‘BOUNCE’ back Gives correct balance of Electrolytes and Water within body Replaces vital Body Fluids lost through Sweating Vital for Muscle Repair and Recovery Exercise

Competition Horse Supplement

Premium Horse Vitamins and Minerals for the competition horse

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Contains over 30 Essential Vitamins and Minerals Supports Peak Condition and Vitality Helps maintain Peak Performance Ideal for Hard Working Horses and Broodmares

Horse & Pony Supplement

Premium Vitamins and Minerals to balance a horse’s diet

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Essential Vitamins and Minerals to balance Diet Vital for Good Health and Fitness Formulated to support High Grass/Hay diet Ideal for Leisure Horse/Pony in Light Work

Nutri-Gut – Effective Gut Balancer

An effective Horse Gut Balancer for a healthy digestive system

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Effective Gut Balancer Provides Beneficial ‘Good’ Bacteria Helps maintain Weight and Good Condition Ideal for recovery from Illness/Digestive problems

Mud Manager

Ideal for cracked and sore horse skin

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Premium Chelated Zinc easily absorbed Assists minor Wounds and Abrasions Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair Growth Ideal for Cracked and Sore Skin

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All our horse supplements come in a powder form with an easy to use measuring scoop. Feeding is simple as our supplements can be mixed with feed or simply fed from the hand. Most horses find our supplements very palatable.

The expiration date on all our Horse Supplements is 12 months from date of manufacture. We manufacture in batches to give you the maximum shelf life. We advise that you store your Horse Supplements in a cool and dry place.

All our Horse Supplements are manufactured in the UK and adhere to all FEI and Jockey Club regulations.  All ingredients are fully traceable and are only sourced from certified suppliers. We conduct regular product testing and analysis to ensure our supplements contain NO prohibited substances.

Yes, usually you can feed multiple Horse Supplements at a time. Please feel welcome to call us for clarification or any advice.

We offer FREE delivery for 2nd class as well as a charge of £2.99 for Royal Mail 1st class or Next Day delivery. All orders are actioned and despatched within 2 working days.

Yes. We use tamper proof PP5 plastic tubs which are recyclable at local refuse sites. The outer boxes can all be recycled and placed in your Recycling Bin. The inner ‘wotsits’ packaging is 100% biodegradable and can be placed in
the food waste bin.


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