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Horse & Pony Supplement

Premium Vitamins and Minerals to balance a horse’s diet

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Horse and Pony Multi Vitamin Supplement

  • Optimum Nutrients for general Good Health and Fitness
  • Contains over 25 Premium Grade Nutrients
  • Specially Formulated to support a high Grass/Hay diet
  • Gives Balance to the Diet
  • Perfect for the Leisure Horse/Pony in light work
  • Complete Essential Nutrient Supplement

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    Why our customers use Horse & Pony Supplement time and time again...

    Essential Vitamins and Minerals to balance a horse’s diet

    Horse and Pony Multi Vitamin supplement provides the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals needed for horses in light work or at rest. This high specification supplement contains over 25 premium grade essential nutrients, comes with free UK delivery and many 5* reviews from happy customers.

    Your horse or pony’s day to day is an absolute joy and privilege to be a part of whether you are competing, enjoying riding club and pony club activities or simply enjoying the countryside when hacking. Horse and Pony Supplement is an essential part of your nutritional kit to help keep your horse in the very best of health and the body functioning efficiently.

    If your Horse or pony is a ‘good doer’ and getting none or only small amounts of concentrates then they may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. Extra nutritional help is needed to support their health, peak condition and vitality. Try our Horse and Pony Supplement to maintain good health and condition.

    Is this Multi Vitamin supplement for my horse or pony?
    Ideal for:
    Horses in light work or at rest
    Fed mainly grass/hay diet
    Supporting general health and vitality
    Maintaining peak condition

    Will my Horse/Pony like taking Horse and Pony Multi Vitamins?
    ● Great tasting powder easily mixed with feed or fed from hand

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    This broad spectrum vitamin and mineral horse supplement provides all the essential nutrients to balance a horse’s diet.  There is no need to feed large quantities of concentrates as all the vitamins and minerals needed by your horse can be fed using this supplement in very small amounts.

    Horse and Pony Supplement can be fed all year round. If your horse does not have access to pasture and good grazing in winter and is being fed stored hay (vitamins breakdown over time) then adding essential vitamins and minerals to feed in a supplement will help keep your horse and healthy and in good condition.

    Trace minerals are required by the body to carry out essential functions. They are added to a horse’s diet because the body cannot synthesise them.


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