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Vitamin E for Horses

Competition Horse Supplement

Premium Horse Vitamins and Minerals for the competition horse

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Premium Vitamins and Minerals for the Competition Horse

  • Contains over 30 essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Maintains Peak Condition
  • Ideal for Hard Working Horses & Broodmares
  • An Essential Nutrient Supplement to maximise Performance

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Why our customers use Competition Horse Supplement time and time again...


Essential Horse Vitamins with added Vitamin E for Horses plus Minerals for the Competing Horse and Pony

Competition Horse supplement has been specially formulated to help balance a horse’s diet as research shows a horse or pony in competition has a higher requirement for vitamins and minerals to help them cope with the stresses and strains placed on them. This high specification supplement including Vitamin E for Horses contains over 30 essential high grade vitamins and minerals for horses, comes with free UK delivery and many 5* reviews from happy customers.

The time you spend on training, travelling and getting your horse or pony ready for competition is a privilege and allows you to build a special bond. Competition Horse Supplement is an essential part of your nutritional kit to help keep your horse in the very best of health and the body functioning efficiently.

When Horses and Ponies are training, travelling, competing or even simply being a Broodmare can result in their bodies being put under a lot of strain. Extra nutritional help is needed to support their health, peak condition and vitality. Try our Competition Horse Supplement to maintain optimum condition and hence peak performance.

Some key ingredients beneficial to the Competition Horse
● Biotin, Methionine, Lysine and Bioplex minerals for skin, coat and strong healthy hooves
Vitamin E for Horses essential for muscle function and stamina
● Live Yea-Sacc yeast for enhanced digestion

Is this vitamin supplement for my horse or pony?
Ideal for:
● Broodmares
● Horses regularly travelling, training and competing
Optimising Topmost performance
Maintaining peak condition

Will my Horse/Pony like taking Competition Horse Supplement?
● Great tasting powder easily mixed with feed or fed from hand


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Muscle Function. When a horse is working hard their muscles are put under enormous stress and strain. Vitamin E is the number one antioxidant vitamin in the body and its primary role is ease muscle soreness and help stamina. Without adequate amounts of Horse Vitamin E it can leave muscles and nerves vulnerable to injury. Competition Horse Supplement has the correct levels of Horse Vitamin E needed by the hard working horse.

Yea Sacc 1026. This live probiotic yeast helps stabilise the gut and optimises digestion of fibre, protein and micro nutrients to ensure the competition horse gets 100% benefit from its nutritional feed.

Trace minerals are required by the body to carry out essential functions.  They are added to a horse’s diet because the body cannot synthesise them.


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