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Horse Electrolytes with MSM

Premium Horse Electrolytes optimising recovery after exercise

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Horse Electrolytes with added MSM

  • Gives horses correct balance of Electrolytes and Water within the body
  • Contains the 5 essential Electrolytes of Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium and Calcium 
  • PLUS Antioxidents Vitamins E & C 
  • Replaces vital Body Fluids lost through Sweating
  • Needed for Muscle Repair and Recovery
  • Helps horses to ‘Bounce Back’

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Quality Assured Image Quality Assured

Why our customers use Horse Electrolytes with MSM time and time again...

Horse Electrolytes optimising natural recovery after hard work

Our Horse Electrolytes have added MSM and consist of Dextrose, Sodium, Chloride,
Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamins E & C which help give the correct balance of electrolytes and water in the body needed for a quick recovery. This is essential for the functioning of vital organs.

Dextrose is also very important as it carries greater amounts of electrolytes into the system than would otherwise occur. After hard work the Dextrose level is depleted and needs to be restored as this is the body’s fuel and key to a quick recovery. Our high quality horse electrolytes have been formulated with added MSM and Vitamins. These electrolytes for horses have received many 5* reviews from happy customers and come with free UK delivery.

Your horse or pony’s day to day is an absolute joy and privilege to be a part of whether you are competing, enjoying riding club and pony club activities or simply enjoying the countryside when hacking. Electrolytes are an essential part of your nutritional kit to allow your horse or pony to ‘bounce’ back quickly after hard work or excessive sweating.

Your horse’s body can quickly become deficient or dehydrated during periods of great exertion either when training or competing or even just being ridden in hot weather. A 500kg horse can lose up to 5 litres of sweat for every hour of exercise!

Try our Horse Electrolytes if your horse or pony is regularly competing or working hard and prone to sweating. The added MSM and Vitamins work with the Electrolytes to ensure the horse’s body has all the right nutrients to work and recover effectively.

What’s in our Horse Electrolytes at a glance?
● Sodium, Potassium and Chloride are the most important Electrolytes
● MSM help optimise natural recovery time
● Vitamins E & C antioxidents required more under periods of stress

Are Horse Electrolytes for my horse or pony?
Ideal for:
● Hard working/competition horses
● Horses being ridden in hot weather
● Horses prone to sweating and looking dehydrated
● Poor performance
● Dark urine

Will my Horse/Pony like taking Electrolytes?
● Great tasting powder easily mixed with feed

    Have any questions?

    No, most likely your horse or pony will have periods of hard work leading up to competition. Horse Electrolytes are extremely beneficial when fed regularly for horses in hard work and who sweat excessively.

    Yes. A horse will not self-regulate its salt intake. Salt licks are a good addition to Horse Electrolytes.

    Our Horse Electrolytes with added MSM can simply be added to feed. Please make sure your horse has access to fresh water at all times.


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