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Mud Manager

Ideal for cracked and sore horse skin

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High Quality Mud Management Supplement

Assists Minor Wounds and Abrasions

Is your Horse

  • Sore from being in a Wet and Muddy Field
  • Itchy with Dandruff Flaky Skin
  • Experiencing Hair Loss
  • Have a Dull and Listless Coat
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Quality Assured Image Quality Assured

Why our customers use Mud Manager time and time again...

Ideal for Cracked and Sore Horse Skin

Mud Manager is the ideal supplement to feed your horse in Wet and Muddy conditions.
This high specification skin supplement for horses contains optimal levels of high grade chelated ZINC, Biotin, MSM and Omega 3 to encourage the regrowth of new healthy skin. It comes with free UK delivery and many 5* reviews from happy customers.

Your horse or pony’s day to day is an absolute joy and privilege to be a part of whether you are competing, enjoying riding club and pony club activities or simply enjoying the countryside when hacking. Mud Manager is an essential part of your winter nutritional kit to help your horse deal with the rigors of persistent bad weather.

Horses and Ponies like to spend time in their field and it is beneficial as allows your horse to unwind, socialise and exercise in a natural environment and some like it even in bad weather. Mud Manager works to help keep the skin healthy and able to deal with bacteria entering through small cuts and abrasions.

Try Mud Manager if your horse is prone to mud related conditions especially in the heal area where directly exposed to the Mud and Wet.

What’s in Mud Manager at a glance?
● Chelated Zinc, Biotin and MSM essential building blocks for healthy skin and hair
● Linseed and Brewers Yeast for a Glossy coat

Is Mud Manager for my horse or pony?
Ideal for:
● Cracked and sore skin
● Skin prone to mud related conditions
● Turnout in wet and muddy fields
● Dandruff and itchy and flaky skin
● Dull coat

Will my Horse/Pony like taking Mud Manager?
● Great tasting powder easily mixed with feed or fed from hand

Have any questions?

Chelated Zinc Bioplex.  This highly absorbable Zinc is an essential trace mineral helping to combat bacteria entering the skin through small cuts and abrasions. Along with Horse Biotin and MSM it provides the essential building blocks for healthy skin and regrowth of hair.

Applying creams and oils externally does not prevent skin conditions in the long term. Mud Manager has the essential ingredients needed to ensure skin and hair is strong & healthy and able to cope successfully with ‘wet’ and ‘mud’.

We recommend you start feeding Mud Manager in the Autumn. This will give your horse’s skin all the nutritional help it needs to be strong and healthy and help prevent sore mud related conditions.


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