Why Do Dogs Growl?

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All dogs from time to time growl and it is important as a dog owner to understand your canine's communication and act accordingly in order to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog, and to protect your own safety and relationship with your dog. The dog in fact growls for a variety of reasons; such as fear, insecurity, guarding behaviour, offensive aggression and simply during play. Though a variety of factors can elicit a growl, to the expert these growls are unique in their tone and pitch representing either a dog enjoying play or an unhappy canine. As a loving dog owner it is important to try and understand your dog and the reason behind his growling so you can to simply allow him to play when necessary and to provide support when required. Growling also often serves as a warning and though it is often human nature to respond negatively to our dog's growling the dog is in fact providing us the courtesy of sharing the information on how they are feeling; much better than not receiving a precursor before a bite!? Remember it is a completely normal and natural behaviour for your dog to warn his owner, his owners’ friends and family or more commonly another dog with a growl. Punishing your canine for growling will simply lead to an uncomfortable dog which is unable to express himself. As a dog owner it is ideal to consider that if your dog growls, he believes that there is a valid reason to do so and instead of punishment for the behaviour provide reassurance and support for your canine this will help your canine friend feel supported if he is growling as a result of fear or insecurity and help him feel confident in your relations. Though disagreements with other dogs can be difficult and a serious situation to manage, recognising your dog's experience of the situation and increasing their security as an individual, can improve the symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of their behaviour. In order to have a happy, healthy dog always remember they require sufficient exercise, bonding time with their owner and a nutritious balanced diet. Some dogs require a supplement to be included in their diet in order to maintain optimum health and mobility (glucosamine for dogs) increasing their quality of life long term such as the range available from Scientific Nutritional Products. To find out more about the range of high specification canine and equine supplements from Scientific Nutritional Products visit the website www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk or Tel FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774 or Tel: 01377 254900

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