Exclusive Update from Dressage Rider Nicola Gillespie

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Scientific Nutritional Products are proud to support Scottish Grand Prix Dressage rider Nicola Gillespie Crolla and her team of horses. Nicola is the current Scottish Dressage Champion at Advanced Medium and Prix St George level. She bases her whole yard of horses on Competition Horse Supplement alongside a range of our other products after initially using a Scientific Nutritional Products supplement when one of her horses became injured. Nicola now shares an exclusive update with us here at Scientific Nutritional Products reporting the progress with her Dressage horses an offering a new unique insight into her exciting yard and the Horse Supplements Direct products Nicola uses! Nicola says "My five year old called Movie magic won the novice class at one of our local show centres Rowallan last month which was really exciting for us, despite competing at the top level, it never fails to inspire me when one of my young, up and coming horses does well. We tried the Horse Supplements Direct Equine Calmer at this show and I can honestly say it made such a difference to him in the test - he had the same energy but just calmed him down a little and he let me ride him and we won with a fabulous 68%. Fearless my top horse came the Inter 1 Scottish champion in September which was hugely exciting. I have ridden him for about three years now and he sailed through the levels to Inter 1. He is a beautiful, kind horse with a very affectionate nature, I truly adore this polite horse! We are planning to spend the winter training towards Inter 2 and Grand Prix and hopefully with some help from my trainer Spencer Wilton we will get there! I feed Fearless Competition Horse supplement, which is packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, perfect to meet his nutritional needs from his demanding work. Fearless' routine involves training four days per week and two days a week hacking out. He also gets one day off per week to relax in the field. In my schooling I take the approach of aiming to interval train, so after a good warm up I undertake short bursts of work, and vary the different movements I work on so nothing gets repeated over and over! I find this method, alongside an optimum diet, helps to prevent the risk of injuries by giving the muscular system the chance to recover and prevents any strains on ligaments, tendons and joints. Fearless takes some management which is a big undertaking as before I ride him Fearless he has a magnetic blanket and magnetic boots on and walks out in hand or goes on the walker for 20 minutes but I feel this kind of commitment means your horse can 100% benefit from the extra care. In addition to training Fearless the autumn and winter months are bringing me the fun project of breaking in two 3 years old ready to compete in next year's in 4 year old classes. These horses are supported through their diet as they are fed Competition Horse Supplement and horse Joint Right Supreme, perfect as they grow and develop. I will be competing Fearless this year at the Bury Farm High Profile show in November and Addington High Profile in January. With my 5 year old I will be competing at Rowallan and SNEC every month just in the novice classes so look out for me and if you are at these events be sure to come and say hello and find out more about Scientific Nutritional Products and the benefits they provide to my horses!" Scientific Nutritional Products offer a range of supplements including those designed to support competition horses such as Nicola's. For more information visit the website www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk or Tel: 01377 254900

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