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With spring in full swing and British summer on the near horizon many equestrians are enjoying the longer evenings and making the most of getting 'out and about' with their equine friends. Whether you are attending shows, events, or simply taking part in a sponsored ride or hack with friends a horse which is a bad traveller can act as an unwelcome stopper to your plans. Equines which become stressed and unhappy during transit can suffer detrimental health effects leading us to finding it difficult to justify making unnecessary trips off the yard often causing us to miss out! Here at Scientific Nutritional Products we don't want any of our customers to miss out on the summer show season so we have put together five top tips to help you take the stress out of travelling for your horse. Five Top Tips for Travelling Equines Happy!
  1. Keep your horse protected whilst travelling with boots, rugs and a poll guard. Not only will this keep your horse protected from knocks and scraps whilst onboard your transport, it will reduce your need to worry about them too!
  2. Always ensure that sufficient forage is available so your horse does not become hungry, restless and frustrated. Always take a spare haynet in your trailer or one of the lockers of your lorry. If you horse spends a long time in transit or is unable to leave your transport to graze during the day, having an extra net for the way home will ensure your equine’s digestive tract remains healthy and active
  3. If your horse is nervous and becomes stressed when loading provide a calm, positive environment and make sure you keep your own stress levels to a minimum; remember, horses are very receptive to our emotions! Feeding Calmer Equine from Scientific Nutritional Products can help to calm and relax the horse or pony through it's a dual mechanism. The innovative supplement includes both high grade, chelated magnesium and pro and prebiotics helping to soothe and ease the digestive system allowing your horse to perform at his best!
  4. Hydration is crucial, if your horse becomes fussy about drinking away consider soaking your hay before travelling or bringing water from home. Horses are often fussy about drinking strange tasting water away from home so by soaking your net and transporting a water canister with water from your yard you can make sure he receives the important fluids he needs.
  5. Electrolytes can be added to the feed of our horses after strenuous exercise or after travelling as the dietary supplement is designed to optimise natural recovery time. Electrolytes replace vital body fluids lost through sweating correcting the balance of electrolytes and water within the body. When exercising intensely a horse can lose up to 15 litres of sweat per day so it is clear to see with such considerable losses it is vital to replenish our equines depleted stores of both water and lost body salts.
Scientific Nutritional Products offers Electrolytes with MSM and Vitamins perfect of the competing horse or leisure horse on hot days. The useful addition of MSM and extra vitamins in the innovative supplements gives your horse or pony the extra boost he needs by ensuring the right nutrients are available. This easy to use and very palatable powder can simply be mixed in with feed. Calmer Equine from Scientific Nutritional Products contains Magnesium an 'anti stress mineral' and B group vitamins which help relax muscles and the nervous system. Alongside this the equine calming supplement contains a unique blend of a Prebiotic and Probiotic live yeast culture which help stabilise and calm the digestive system. Calmer Equine is ideal for the competing horse, regularly travelling this season.

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