Keeping Competition Calm

Magnesium Calmer for Horses
A show or event atmosphere can often prove a stressful environment for our horses and ponies bringing them new surroundings, sights and smells and more pressure under saddle. Keeping your equine calm at competitions is not only essential for your safety but limiting stress for both you and your horse is highly beneficial for health, wellbeing and to ensure the partnership deliver the best result possible on the day! In our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at how to manage ourselves and our four-legged friends to help ensure our performance at a competition is one we remember for the right reasons! Managing your Horse at the Event It is vital to leave yourself enough time when you arrive at an event to fully prepare your horse to be ridden without being rushed or becoming stressed yourself.

Firstly thoroughly check your ‘competition’ tack to ensure everything is correctly fitted as tack which is too tight, pinching or likely to slip is dangerous and could be adding to your horse or pony’s tension. All horses are individuals and how you manage your equines at shows depends on their own unique personalities; some horses need to be kept on the move at a show, while others are best left alone. For those that like to be kept active in busy environments walking the horse or pony around or lunging where appropriate may be ideal.

This type of horse may prefer having a companion at shows to boost their confidence so consider travelling with another or taking a non-competing horse along for the ride. For those equines which prefer their own company at events ensure your horse box or trailer offers them the solstice they need. Why not try experiment with opening doors and windows to see what your horse or pony likes best and always ensure you bring ample forage for them to tuck into! Feeding If your horse is displaying fresh, fizzy or bad behaviour at competitions their diet should always be considered. If you think that food is fuelling the excess energy, this may cause a horse to become frustrated or stressed so a change could help.

Typically research has shown that high-starch diets offering quick release energy can result in a ‘fizzy’ state of mind in some horses so for those that are affected in a show environment a diet which is rich in fibre and oil may be a better choice. Calmer Equine   from  Scientific Nutritional Products  contains premium chelated Magnesium an ‘anti stress mineral’ and B group vitamins which help relax muscles and the nervous system. Calmer Equine also contains a unique blend of a Prebiotic and Probiotic live yeast culture which help stabilise and calm the digestive system.  Calmer Equine  is ideal for the competing horse which sometimes struggles in a show environment. Rider anxiety  For many of us it is worth considering whether the root of the problem lies with our own anxiety. Whether that is desire to succeed or the concern that our horses will behave badly, rider nerves can play a big part in our horse’s tension on the day. In order to minimise your own nerves, ensure you are correctly prepared for the day so you are running in plenty of time and all have had all the help in terms of riding lessons and advice for knowledgeable friends and family to know what is expected of you at the other end.

Calmer Equine is available from or by contacting a member of our friendly team on Tel: 01377 254 900. Don’t forget to check in with our educational, informative blog next week!

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