Managing with the Mud this Autumn!

By Peter Fishpool, nutritional expert at Scientific Nutritional Products

As the autumn weather gets into full swing many of us in the UK are experiencing more of the cliché weather bringing rain and mud to the yard. More importantly than horse owners having to struggle around in wellies are skin conditions developing in horses and ponies, very common in wet, boggy conditions.

How Can Equine Mud Related Skin Conditions Develop?

The cause of skin conditions can result from a have a broad range of possibilities including such as; viruses, fungal infections, bacterial infections or allergens. Certain equine management actions can encourage or exacerbate skin conditions. Rain scald can be developed if your equine is exposed to excessive rain without a rug, particularly if they are used to wearing one and haven’t built up a protective layer of grease on their coats.

Mud related skin conditions known as pastern dermatitis, mud rash or mud fever typically affect the limbs and are often associated with equines standing in mud over the wetter, colder months and mud induced skin conditions can range from mild skin irritation to painful infected sores which can cause swelling in the limb and lameness!


Treatment of mud-induced conditions can include;

1.) Minimising exposure to the mud,

2.) Removing and cleaning any scabs or lesions

3.) Keeping the limbs as dry as possible

4.) Stabling horses on clean, dry bedding

5.) Clipping around the lesions can help

6.) Using a medicated spray or cream and a health supplement.

Ideal for improving your equine’s skin and coat condition and rectifying cracked and sore skin is Mud Manager from Scientific Nutritional Products which helps mud related conditions from the inside out. Containing Zinc, MSM, Biotin, Methionine, proteins and Omega-3. Soothing cracked and sore skin, Mud Manager encourages natural regeneration of skin and hair in the affected area. The natural anti-bacterial properties of Zinc help fight any infection.

In terms of your horse’s immunity and ability to recover from a skin complaint it is important to ensure the equine’s diet is rich in the nutrients they need including; water, protein, carbohydrate, fats including Omega 3, vitamins and minerals.

Scientific Nutritional Products offer two fantastic vitamin and mineral supplements; Competition Horse Supplement and Horse & Pony Multivitamin Supplement packed full of beneficial nutrients helping boost your horse or pony’s immunity and increase their all-round health.

Remember it is always important to contact your veterinarian if you are unsure of the skin condition your horse is experiencing or if their symptoms are severe.

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