Equine Care over the Christmas Period

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The festive period brings with it a time of joy and frivolity, not to mention plenty of yummy food and gift sharing! However with the indulgence and frivolity it can mean that we have less time to spend at the yard with our horses. The last thing we want to do in “the season of good-will” is to leave our horse or pony to go without, so in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at taking care of your horse over the Christmas period in our five top tips!

  1. If you have somebody looking after your horse or pony over Christmas make sure you provide them with very specific instructions to make sure everything is clear from what to feed, exercise requirements and which rugs and supplements to provide.
  1. Try not to cut out exercise completely from your horse’s regime! Not only will he become bored in his box but maintaining a regular exercise routine is far better for his all round health and digestive system.  Why don’t you involve family or friends by organising a festive hack?
  1. If you do miss a few riding sessions over Christmas be mindful of the amount of concentrate feed you are providing your horse. If you are over-feeding and not in relation to the amount of exercise your horse is doing you can put him at risk of digestive and muscular issues.  Make sure his fibre requirements are still met with adequate amounts of forage and that he is still getting his usual supplements!
  1. Don’t let your horse or pony over indulge! Although we enjoy lots of festive food at this time of year don’t be tempted to offer the same amount of treats to your horse or pony. Be mindful of decorating your horse’s stable with items such as mistletoe and holly as these are poisonous to our equine friends.
  1. Finally, don’t forget your horse or pony when you are Christmas shopping!  Scientific Nutritional Product’s range of supplements offers an ideal gift ensuring your horse gets innovative supplements to support optimum health and wellbeing.


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