Summer Happy!

With summer in full swing horse owners are getting to enjoy the long sun-filled days, shows and events and considerably less mucking out! However horse owners also need to be prepared for the flies, sunburn and hard ground which may affect their equine's wellbeing. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look...

Five Top Tips for Equine Summer Care from Scientific Nutritional Products

1.) If your horse is normally stabled at night and out during the day why not reversing his turnout times to extend his time at pasture and avoid the hottest temperatures and the worst of the flies. Ensure there is somewhere your horse can escape from the rain if it does arrive or the sun and the flies if turned out either during the daytime or sunny periods in the early morning or evening.

2.) If you are travelling your horse where possible leave early or late to avoid travelling in the heat of the day and risking getting stuck in traffic in high temperatures. Always ensure you offer plenty of cool, fresh drinking water and seek out a shady spot to park and tether your horses. Remember equine sweat attracts flies so always wash your horse off scrupulously after exercise to remove any sweaty patches.

3.)  Summer weather can result in dry, cracked hooves and brittle hooves. As well as avoiding excessive wet-to-dry hoof changes remember your horse, just like us, really are 'what they eat'. A balanced diet containing the required levels of carbohydrate, protein, fat and vitamins, biotin for horses is essential to provide optimum hoof health so why not try feeding Robust Hoof Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products including key ingredients such as Horse Biotin, Lysine, Methionine, Zinc and MSM provide the building blocks to healthy hooves. 

4.) Don't forget Horse Electrolytes! Equine sweat is isotonic which means the sweat contains salts, known as minerals, including sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride. The losses of these minerals can cause tiredness, muscle stiffness, dehydration and in severe cases equine colic.  A supplement such as Electrolytes with MSM & Vitamins from Scientific Nutritional Products can replace these lost minerals and optimise natural recovery time after hard work by helping to replaces vital body fluids lost through sweating by correcting the balance of electrolytes and water within the body. The useful addition of Horse MSM and extra vitamins gives your horse or pony the extra boost he needs by ensuring all the right nutrients are available!

5.) Limit the risk of Laminitis by paying close attention to your pasture growth, quality and your horse's turn out time. Remember wet weather following a long dry spell can result in a flush of new grass growth so where applicable limit your horse’s grazing to avoid laminitis and/or weight gain.  

 To find out more about the range of supplements available from Scientific Nutritional Products including Robust Hoof Supplement Biotin for Horses and Horse Electrolytes with MSM and Vitamins visit or contact a member of our friendly team on Tel: 01377 254 900.

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