Protecting Hoof Health in Wet Weather

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With continuing colder and wetter weather it is important to assess the different challenges and changes each season brings to horse ownership, such as hoof care. The horses hoof is composed of a similar complex as our finger nails and technically the hooves are actually considered to be an extension of the skin! This means the hooves can be prone to becoming brittle, cracking, splitting and even more so when exposed to the autumn and winter elements. 

The classic rain-shine climate of the UK can create problems as the wet to dry conditions causes the hoof capsule to change shape. Firstly the Keratin molecules in the hoof swell and absorb water expanding, followed by during drier weather spells only to dry out, contract and change shape again.

Maintaining optimum hoof condition when the weather is bleak can be quite a challenge. If your horse’s feet become saturated due to rain, sleet, hail and muddy conditions they can become very soft leaving them vulnerable to more serious issues.  Combined with a natural decline in the nutritional content of the grass during this Autumn season the hooves can really suffer.

Diet is very important and with pasture being sparse at this time of year remember to include sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in the diet through hard feed and supplements.

A balanced diet containing appropriate levels of nutrients via hay or haylage and concentrate feed is essential. In addition including hoof specific minerals is very important:  Biotin for Horses and Zinc. 

 Robust Hoof Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products includes key ingredients for hoof health such as Horse Biotin, Lysine, Methionine, Zinc, Calcium, Copper and MSM provide the building blocks to Strong healthy hooves. 

The unique blend of vital ingredients assists the absorption of required nutrients and transports them via the bloodstream to the hoof tissues and this is where new hoof growth is stimulated.  Robust Hoof from Scientific Nutritional Products is very palatable and can simply be mixed in with their concentrate feed.

 A range of Equine and Canine supplements (Glucosamine for Dogs) are available from Scientific Nutritional Products, including Robust Hoof Horse Biotin Supplement. For more information about the supplement range or to keep up with our educational blog by visit the website at

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