The Joys of Spring

Many of us are now enjoying some time off over the Easter Holidays. This time, for many equestrians is likely to be spent at the yard, riding, grooming and getting those extra jobs done. This provides the perfect opportunity to give your equine friend a 'spring clean' to provide some much needed TLC post-winter and to ensure his skin and coat remains in optimum condition.

Here is our Guide...

Scientific Nutritional Product's Spring Grooming Guide in Five Top Tips

1.) Always pick your horse's feet out daily and take the time this weekend to give your equine's feet a thorough scrub. Why not apply a topical moisturiser to the hooves to nourish them too?

2.) Invest in a good quality set of brushes to give the coat, the legs a thorough brush removing any mud, dirt and debris. After washing the mane and tail use a detangling spray and a soft brush or wide toothed comb to gently remove any knots or mats.

3.) To really get to the bottom of the grime providing the weather is warm enough you could bath your horse this weekend. It is always best to use an equine specific shampoo when bathing. Using equine specific shampoo is kinder to our horse’s skin and prevents problems such as itchiness or dry skin whilst protecting the pH of our horses and pony’s skin. Post bathing, make sure you wrap your horse up in a warm, absorbent rug until he dries off.

4.)  Dark coats can often fade or bleach in the bright spring sunlight and the hair cuticles may become damaged, causing a rough feel and a frizzy, tangled mess. As well as providing plenty of shade in the field remember sweat in the coat accelerates fade, so always sponge your horse's sweaty patches thoroughly, particularly after exercise and before allowing him to bask in the sunshine.

5.) Alongside regular grooming with top quality products, remember it is essential to provide a balanced diet containing high levels of fibre and the required levels of carbohydrate, protein, fat and vitamins and minerals including Omega-3 fatty acid, to provide optimum skin and coat health! The skin and the coat can be a great indicator of health, and as health comes from the inside out, supplying a supplement in the diet and therefore coat condition.

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