Coping Strategies for Equines and Fireworks

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During Autumn many people looking forward to hosting parties or attending public fireworks events. This annual, traditional event in the UK offers a fun, colourful and exciting display of fireworks amidst a crisp, autumnal evening. However our equine friends sadly, often dont appreciate the festivities. In our latest blog we take a look at this tricky time of year and how to best manage your horse or pony during firework season.

Bonfire night is traditionally the fifth of November however as that often will not fall on a weekend date. Therefore we will see fireworks events organised for both the weekend before and after, not to mention home displays which could be on any evening. This makes it harder to predict when we need to put into action coping strategies for our horses. Scientific Nutritional Products urges horse owners to think ahead about minimising the potential distress this bold, noisy occasion can have on our equines.

Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products for Helping Horses Cope Fireworks. 

  • Check out the local press and any signs for local fireworks events. Wherever possible, tell neighbours and local firework display organisers that there are horses nearby, so they can keep you in the know of dates and timings. 
  •  One of the factors people often deliberate over is whether to leave their horse in the field or stabled them. It is sensible to keep your horse in its familiar environment, in its normal routine, with any companions to make it feel secure. If it is usually stabled, keep it stabled. If it is normally out in the field, keep it there as long as it is safe, secure and not close to the firework display area. Remember if your horse is stabled check thoroughly for anything that could cause potential injury such as protruding nails in the wall and if your horse is field keep ensure fencing is intact. 
  • Wherever you can make sure you are at the yard, or someone experienced is on bonfire night or evenings that you know fireworks will be set off. Playing music can help mask sudden noises so you could position a radio by the stables. You could even make it a low key social event with other liveries and organise an evening based at the yard for chatting and hot chocolates! Don’t become complacent though, if your horse is scared he can be dangerous so always be aware of your own safety and others around you. All horses should have third party liability insurance.
  • If you know your horse will be truly too stressed to cope or there is a particularly big event held nearby your stables talk to your vet about administering a mild sedation or consider moving your horse to a friend or trainers
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