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Mantrailing has become popular in the UK in recent years after being introduced by founder Lisa Gorenflo, who discovered Mantrailing in Germany and quickly became hooked. Mantrailing involves our canine friends using their noses to find a person, either because they are missing or simply for fun!

Incredibly the dog’s nose is able to smell 100,000 times better than human beings and with their phenomenal noses dogs can follow our scent trails! People and animals have a unique scent, composed of skin cells, sweat, hormones and bacteria and as we move our scent moves around the air before settling and sticking in places in the environment. Dogs can even detect how long ago we visited the area as trails as able to be picked up 36 hours afterwards!

Mantrailing UK, alongside other organisations, teach dog owners across the country this life saving skill used by search and rescue teams, as a fun game, sport and a fantastic way for owners to bond with their dogs.

So what do you need to get started?

Dog owners will need a harness and long line lead which is 8-10 metres long as well as some high reward treats. A Y fitting harness is recommended so that it doesn’t restrict the dog when they are pulling to follow the scent. Owners will also need to bring a scent article such as a hat or neck warmer which will be used for the dog to get the scent of the missing or hidden person! The tutors then guide owners through a variety of games to teach the dog how to seek and find.

Who can do it?

Mantrailing is suitable for all dogs and owners providing the dog is an appropriate age and is able to wear a harness comfortably. Breeds such as spaniels, hounds, shepherd breeds and terriers will be particularly likely to enjoy this fun activity!

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