Supporting Equine Health through the Autumn

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With the weather turning colder for many of our equines the risk of losing weight and condition becomes more likely especially when this is paired with the fact that we have had such a dry summer with minimal grass growth. So how do we support our equines at this time of year? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look

Autumn is the critical time to start monitoring any fluctuations in your horse’s weight and body condition score. This will enable winter feeding programmes to be put in place before problems such as weight loss occurs. For most of us the shorter days mean that it’s not possible to ride as often as we might like and this itself can lead to a loss of muscle, but also has implications of how much to feed. In addition with the UK’s reputation for rain there is likely to be times our equines will also end up with have restricted turnout.

If your horse is on restricted turn out is important to remember that forage is the most important aspect of our horse’s diet so horse owners should always offer good quality and ample hay in the field and the stable.

Don’t forget in order to be healthy our horses and ponies require a balanced diet which incorporates all the vital vitamins and minerals they need! If the grass is pore some of these vitamins and minerals may be lacking in the diet and these important vitamins and minerals are essential as they play a multitude of roles within the body including supporting the immune system, bone and teeth structure, benefitting eyesight and assisting nerve and muscle functioning.

Horse & Pony Multi-vitamin Supplement can provide the ideal solution as the beneficial supplement includes over 25 essential horse vitamins and minerals providing equine's everything they need for health and well being. This palatable powder supplement can be easily added to feed and is ideal for those equine's which have dropped condition, alongside ample forage.

Where possible it is ideal not to let your horse’s exercise routine slip too much as a decrease in exercise will mean a reduction in feed and also if it is for a period of weeks, a loss of muscle tone. If you are short on time on dark nights why not lunge your horse over some raised poles for 20 minutes? Finally, now the temperatures have finally reduced your horse or pony is clipped it is vital to keep them adequately rugged as calories can be lost by our horses trying to keep warm!

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