Things to do in Summertime with your Horse

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With the colder, wetter weather behind us (HOPEFULLY!) Horse owners have got a spring in their step as we finally move towards summer. For many equestrians this means more opportunities to spend time with their horse or pony so in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at some fun summer activities to enjoy with your equine friend.

Before building your bucket list it is important to consider your horse’s fitness level and their age as some activities will be more suitable than others. Nonetheless with a dose of sunshine there will certainly be something for everyone to delight in.

1.) A Picnic Ride

Taking your horse or pony out hacking with friends can be enjoyed throughout the year but on a sunny day you can’t beat a picnic ride. Why not get a group together from your yard and plan a hack to a safe, secure area to have a picnic? Your four-legged friend will enjoy getting to munch the good quality grass at this time of year whilst you and your fellow riders can tuck into a nice spread.

2.) A Competition

For those riders competing regularly the summer season can offer more time to ride and train and opportunities to compete in a range of disciplines including Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage and Carriage Driving. Competitions allow riders to set and work on goals which can be hugely rewarding and offer a fantastic way to bond with your equine friend. If you are a novice rider or don’t currently have a horse to compete an alternative to competing yourself could be going to spectate or even steward.

3.) A Beach Ride

A beach trip is typically pretty high up on the bucket list of horsey dreams for equestrians and it is easy to see why. There is not much that can compare to riding along the sands or in the shallow waves with your horse so do your research on suitable places to go and the all important tide times and why not plan a trip? For safety reasons always take an experienced rider with you and where possible a non-rider on the ground. Don’t forget a change of clothes, a rug for your horse and plenty of water for after your ride.

4.) A Photoshoot

The summertime can provide the perfect time to get some beautiful photographs of your beloved four-legged friend. Why not enlist a friend or a professional photographer and make the most of the summer sunlight to gather some posed or spontaneous pictures? The best lighting is usually early morning or just before sunset so making the most of this time of year can give a great summer activity and an opportunity for some stunning pictures!

5.) Indulge your Equine Friend in a Spa Day

The warmer weather means that it is an ideal time to spend some time pampering your horse. Horse owners could visit the local tack shop for supplies for bathing and grooming and spruce up their equine friend for summer with a good groom and tidying session. Don’t forget skin and coat health comes from ‘the inside out’ so if your horse’s coat is looking dull they may benefit from a supplement in their diet to provide the essential vitamins and minerals.

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