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  • Canine Joint Right
    From £23.99

    Premium Glucosamine for Dogs Joint Supplement

    Help maintain your Dog's Mobility and Dog Joint Care 

    Optimum levels of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, HA, MSM & DHA Omega-3 Oils for Active Mobile Joints and Joint Health

    Is your Dog:

    • struggling to jump in the Car
    • uncomfortable after walks and playing
    • difficulty getting out of dog bed
    • finding stairs awkward
    • or simply just getting Older

    Then try Canine Joint Right - A Completely Natural Supplement

    Hundreds of 5* Reviews


  • Horse Joint Right Supreme
    From £22.75

    Premium Equine Glucosamine Joint Supplement

    For Supple Healthy Joints, Freedom of Movement and Joint Mobility - Completely Natural

    • Purest grades of Glucosamine for Horses, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid & MSM
    • High levels of Green Lipped Mussel for Horses
    • Promotes Healthy Cartilage, Ligaments, Tendons & Synovial Fluid
    • Vital for Strong Healthy Joints
    • Cushions, Lubricates & Soothes Joints
  • Robust Hoof
    From £22.99

    Biotin for Strong Healthy Hoof Growth

    • Advanced formulation of Biotin, Methionine, Calcium, Lysine, MSM and Bioplex minerals
    • Promotes growth of New Healthy Hoof
    • Ideal for Cracked, Weak and Crumbly Hooves
    • Completely Natural


  • Calmer Equine Plus
    From £31.99

    Optimum Equine Calmer for Nervous and Excitable horses/ponies

    A Completely Natural Supplement


    • Premium Grade Chelated Magnesium with B Group Vitamins
    • Absorbed Effectively
    • Pre & Pro Biotics to promote Digestive Calm
    • Ideal for Excitable horses/ponies with anxious temperaments
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