Horse & Pony Supplement
Premium Nutrients for Horses in Light Work/Rest
Horse Supplements

Essential Minerals & Vitamins needed by Horses and Ponies

  • Optimum Nutrients for general Good Health and Fitness
  • Perfect for the Leisure Horse/Pony in light work
  • Specially Formulated to support a high Grass/Hay diet
  • Completely Natural


    Horse Supplements Horse Supplements

    Horse & Pony Supplement

    Premium Nutrients for Horses in Light Work/Rest
    Key Benefits

    Vital Minerals and Vitamins needed by Horses and Ponies in light to moderate work or at rest.

    • Contains optimum ingredients for general good health and fitness
    • Specially formulated to support a mainly grass/hay diet
    • Beneficial for horses and ponies fed on low levels of complete feed (good doers)
    • Helps maintain good health and wellbeing
    • Perfect for the leisure horse/pony

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      Detailed Benefits

      Why use a multi vitamin supplement?

      The vitamin content of most feed stuffs reduces rapidly over time, therefore the older the feed the lower the vitamin content.

      For example, fresh grass is a good source of vitamins A and E but 80% of the vitamin E is lost during the process of hay making and vitamin A is lost at about 10% per month thereafter. This means that hay a year old may contain zero levels of these vital nutrients.

      It is essential therefore to feed a multi vitamin supplement in order to ensure an adequate supply of these vital nutrients, especially if you are feeding high levels of straights and forage and low levels of compound feeds. Horse and Pony Multi Vitamins is the ideal supplement to compliment your feeding plan.

      Formulation Table

      Key ingredients include:

      Biotin and Bioplex minerals to maintain and promote strong healthy hooves.
      Anti-oxidant Vitamin E included at optimum levels to neutralise free radicals.
      Vitamin E is also important for muscle function and stamina.

      Analytical Constituents

      Vitamin A 200,000iu/kg
      Vitamin D3 25,000iu/kg
      Vitamin E 13,333iu/kg
      Vitamin K3 37.5mg/kg
      Vitamin B12 6,000mcg/kg
      Vitamin B2 150mg/kg
      Folic acid 500mg/kg
      Nicotinic acid 500mg/kg
      Pantothenic acid 225mg/kg
      Vitamin B1 200mg/kg
      Vitamin B6 150mg/kg
      Biotin 10,000mcg/kg
      Selenium 10mg/kg
      Cobalt 17.5mg/kg
      Iodine 10mg/kg
      Zinc (Bioplex) 1,000mg/kg
      Manganese (Biopl.) 1,000mg/kg
      Copper (Bioplex) 300mg/kg
      Iron 500mg/kg
      Calcium 23.50%
      Phosphorus 4.00%
      Magnesium 1.00%
      Choline 4,000mg/kg
      Protein 4.50%
      Oil 7.60%
      Omega-3 (ALA) 4.4%
      Fibre 3.00%
      Feeding Guidelines

      A complementary feeding stuff to be mixed with the daily feed as directed.

      Light work: 1 level measure (75g) per day
      At rest: Half a measure per day

      A 4kg tub contains 50 days supply at full dose and 100 days at half measure.
      Defining workload

      Light work: Regular hacking and light schooling.
      Moderate: Daily hacking for 1 to 2 hours, schooling for Â1⁄2 hour & local competing. Feed our High

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