Mud Manager
Ideal for Cracked and Sore Skin

IDEAL for Cracked and Sore skin

Mud Manager consists of very high quality and easily absorbed chelated ZINC. Brilliant at nutritionally supporting Skin and Hair exposed to Wet and Muddy Conditions.

Assists minor wounds and abrasions


MudFever MudFever

Mud Manager

Ideal for Cracked and Sore Skin
Key Benefits

Feed Your Horse the Ultimate Supplement for MUD and WET

Mud Manager consists of very high quality and easily absorbed chelated ZINC. Brilliant at nutritionally supporting Skin and Hair exposed to Wet and Muddy Conditions.

IDEAL for Cracked and Sore skin - assists minor wounds and abrasions

Key benefits:

  • Encourages natural Regeneration of Healthy Skin
  • Promotes Hair Regrowth
  • Ideal for use during Wet and Muddy conditions
  • Ideal for horses with Dandruff and Itchy Flaky Skin
  • Essential nutrients for maintaining a Glossy Coat
  • Ideal for horses with a dull coat

    High Specification and great Value for Money 


    Detailed Benefits

    Why use Mud Manager?

    Zinc Bioplex
    Zinc is a mineral essential for the proper functioning of many enzyme systems. It plays a part in the formation of keratin and collagen which are vital for sustaining healthy skin, hair, cartilage and bone. The source of Zinc we have used in Mud Manager Supplement is in chelated (Bioplex) form, which is more available to the animal and does not interact with other nutrients in the diet.

    Pure distilled MSM
    MSM is a naturally occurring form of bio available sulphur, often deficient in feed. It is an essential component of connective tissue, the proteins which make up muscle, joints, skin, hair, hoof horn and keratin. Many people who use MSM themselves report that their fingernails grow faster and are less brittle.

    Biotin is a water soluble B group vitamin widely distributed in feed stuffs but often in a form unavailable to the animal. Feeding biotin has been shown to be a successful method for improving coat and skin condition in a variety of different animals. It works mainly because of its role in the production of keratin, a type of protein required for the formation of skin, hair and nails. To be fully effective it needs to be fed in combination with other essential nutrients.

    Proteins materials such as skin and hair are made up of amino acids. Most amino acids can be synthesized by the body but Methionine must be provided in the diet. Methionine is a vital building block in the formation of skin and hair.

    Brewers Yeast
    Great tasting and a rich natural source of B vitamins, trace minerals, proteins, and amino acids, brewers yeast can help make your horses skin healthier and its coat shinier.

    Micronized Linseed
    Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are involved in the production of lipoproteins, linseed has long been know to promote a shiny coat.

    Formulation Table
    Zinc 11,250mg/kg
    MSM 20.0%
    Biotin 200,000mcg/kg
    Methionine 10%
    Oil 13.1%
    Omega - 3 (ALA) 6.8%
    Protein 13.4%
    Fibre 2.4%
    Ash 1.8%
    Feeding Guidelines

    Feeding Guidelines
    A complementary feeding stuff for Horses to be mixed with daily feed as directed below.

    • 13hh and over - feed 2 level measures (20g) per day
    • Ponies below 13hh - feed 1 level measure per day

    A 1.5kg tub will last 75 days for a horse and 150 days for a pony.

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