The Bugs are Back!

Summer is in full swing and with the increase in temperature the UK bugs are back in force! Frustratingly our stables, yards and fields can become riddled with these pesky biting insects, midges and flies. With this only to increase as the summer gets hotter our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at how to keep the bugs at bay!

 Five Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products to Beat the Bugs!

1.) Select a natural, horse friendly fly repellent spray from a reputable company. Spray your horse or pony liberally with fly spray daily, or use a soft towel or cloth to wipe the product onto your equine. Remember to use a cloth to apply fly spray around the face, under the eyes and around the sheath and ears of the horse- areas which can get particularly plagued by flies.  

2.) If your stables or fields are based near water such as a pond or streams you may experience more flies at your yard. Whilst there is probably very little you can do about this it certainly provides an explanation. You can however make efforts to keep your yard and fields as clean as possible. Regularly remove the droppings from his field and when stabled insure the muck heap is as far from the barn as your property allows- piles of manure provides the ideal spot for flies to feed and lay their eggs!

3.) Keeping your equipment clean can also help. Thoroughly wash your feed tubs, buckets and water troughs once a week as dried up feed and stagnant water troughs can attract flies.

4.) Equine sweat attracts flies so always wash your horse off scrupulously after exercise to remove any sweaty or dirty patches to prevent them from being irritated by flying insect post your riding session.

5.) To keep flies out of your horse’s stable and away from your tie-up spaces consider placing an electric fan to blow the flies out of the door and apply some safe fly traps such as the hanging strips to collect the pesky flies!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips and it helps you ‘ban flies from the barn’!

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