Choosing the Right Dog Trainer

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When looking for a dog trainer to help you with your canine friend it is important to consider that not all professionals are created equal, and also that different techniques and styles may work better than others with your dog. So when youre looking for a professional for puppy classes, one to one training or even a dog walker, what do you look for? Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look

It is important to request the information as to how well trained your potential new dog trainer is. Find out what education or training programs they have undertook and if they belong to any groups or organisations that are respected across the industry. Dog trainers may have trained in a variety of ways which is perfectly acceptable, but an animal behaviourist should hold a graduate degree in that field. This is an important distinction to make, as if your pet requires specialist help with behavioural issues, a behaviourist may be more suitable than a dog trainer in order to provide the education and experience necessary to truly help your dog.

In terms of training humane, force-free methods of dog training are essential and the only techniques a trainer should use, so ask your prospective dog trainer or dog walker in-depth about their training methods.

It is also important to ensure you find the person you are enlisting as a dog trainer easy to communicate with as this is key to you yourself progressing with your own skills in handling and training your dog. So whilst you want to choose someone your dog likes and trusts, don’t forget yourself so make sure you share the same sentiments as your four-legged friend.

Finally check out the relationships with the local veterinary practices your prospective trainer has as if your dog has any health issues or dietary problems you may all end up working in conjunction. Remember if there are any specific problems your trainer should always refer to the vets. To conclude choose a trainer that you enjoy your time with and totally rely upon!

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