Feeding the Laminitic Horse or Pony

Biotin for Horses
Laminitis is a condition affecting many horses and ponies in the UK, particularly during the Spring months when the grass is of optimum quality as a result of the typical "rain, shine weather" this country often brings. The condition is often linked to obesity and our equine's gorging on lush, spring pasture and the disease causes pain and lameness as a result of damage to the internal structures of our equine's feet. The serious condition involves the inflammation of the laminae tissues which can in severe cases lead to tears of the internal bond between the dermal and epidermal laminae leading to a rotation or drop in the pedal bone. Feeding the laminitic horse can be a tricky business with many horse owners opting for restricted grazing and reduced quantities of concentrate feed. Though the link between laminitis and obesity is proven, a simple reduction of calories does not always result in a healthy horse. Often a limited, restricted diet can result in a diet which is not balanced which overall does not help the health of the equine. Vitamins and minerals are vital to health and well-being and alongside ample low calorie forage such as soaked hay, a vitamin and mineral supplement such as Horse & Pony Multi-vitamin supplement can be helpful. The Horse & Pony Multi-vitamin is ideal for those horses in rest or light work in order to maintain health and well being. The supplement includes over 25 essential vitamins and minerals promoting optimum health for all horses and supporting those such as laminitics on low levels of concentrate feed.

Priced at £19.50 and available from www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk or by contacting a member of the team on Tel: 01377 254 900

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