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Time for Clipping

Nov 22, 2019

After some unseasonably mild wet weather this autumn the temperature has finally dropped somewhat, and with winter on the near horizon many of our horses and ponies are sporting hairy, fluffy coats! This natural process of laying down a thicker coat can stand in the way of undertaking significant exercise, so for many horse owners it is essential to clip their equines at this time of year. The...

Feeding the Broodmare

Apr 03, 2018

Feeding horses can be considered an art, with much information passed down through generations and a host of research providing nutritional advances. Feeding a mare in foal can be somewhat more challenging as during pregnancy significant changes to the body occur, often resulting in your broodmares nutritional requirements to skyrocket. A broodmares feeding programme should be divided into thre...

Feeding Horses ready for start of Competition Season

Jan 22, 2015

With many horse owners beginning the competition season in a variety of different disciplines and pleasure riders undertaking longer hacks and rides, it is essential to assess whether your horse or pony has the condition and the fuel he needs to perform. Offering a balanced diet is essential to every equine’s health and wellbeing, the combination of sufficient and correct exercise plus quality ...

Feeding and Supplementing the Hunter’s Diet

Nov 07, 2014

Autumn and winter can be a gloomy time for horse owners but for many it does bring with it the thrill of hunting.  Riding around the British countryside on horse-back is exhilarating but do you know how to keep your horse safe and comfortable whilst you are tackling various terrain at speed? Hunters require high energy and stamina and many people struggle during the winter keeping weight on th...

Turn Down the Heat; Feeding the Competition Horse

Jul 04, 2014

The competing horse is an athlete requiring specialist management and optimum nutrition. But feeding the ‘fizzy’ or excitable competition equine can be considerably more challenging, and many owners struggle with how to offer the essential nutrients their horse needs but avoid creating a ‘hot’ temperament. Every horse owner will be able to tell you about an occasion when they have experienced ...

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