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With summer on the horizon why not give your canine friend a spruce up ready for the warmer weather; it certainly will be time well spent! Regular grooming is important for your dog and good care and maintenance of his skin and coat allows your dog to remain clean and healthy. A good grooming session prevents the build up for dirt and bacteria in your canine's coat and limits the risk of yeast infections developing in matted hair. During the colder months we often avoid bathing our dogs to prevent chills and to maintain healthy grease in their coats, but sometimes we can get a bit relaxed about giving them their regular brush and groom and nail clip too! At home grooming is a great way to bond with your dog so treat your dog to a bit of TLC and get him spruced up! Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products 1.) Invest in a skin friendly shampoo specifically for dogs! Dogs' skin is more alkaline than ours and a shampoo formulated for human skin can disrupt the acid mantle, which acts as an important barrier for the body. This disruption can lead to an increased risk of bacterial and parasitic infections so look for the pH balance on your bottle of dog shampoo; it should be around 7. 2.) Don't bath too often but make sure you give your dog a regular brush! You may not want to bath your dog too often as it can remove oils from their coat, not to mention making a mess of your bathroom, but regular grooming will benefit your canine. A good brush will keep your dog's coat clean, removing dirt and dead hairs which encourages new growth of healthy, shiny hair. It will also prevent knots and mats in the coat developing which can cause skin irritation and pain. 3.) Grooming your dog allows you to bond with them! Regular grooming of your dog also helps to build your relationship, creating a bond between you and allowing the conscientious dog owner to check for any abnormal lumps, bumps or parasites. 4.) Don't forget the extras! Finish your grooming session with a nail clip, which should be done regularly to prevent nail length affecting your dog's movement and stride.  A toothbrush is also a great idea if your dog will allow you to safely give his gnashers a scrub!   During grooming look out for abnormal lumps, bumps or parasites alongside checking and wiping the eyes and ears if required. In addition to your grooming routine in order to have healthy skin and a glossy coat every dog owner should treat their dog from the inside out, making sure your dogs have a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet. This can often be the most important factor in correct skin and coat care so if you dog is not showing off a lustrous coat or has flaky, dry skin it may be worth changing his diet, lifestyle regime or investing in a supplement. Scientific Nutritional Products offer Canine Super Coat the ideal product to give your dog's coat a glossy shine and healthy skin. For more information or to purchase visit the website or contact the team on Tel: 01377 254 900

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