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A Furry Problem: Coping with Coat-Shedding!

Apr 14, 2021

The Spring months are upon us and for many pet owners that brings with it the season of coat shedding, and our canine friends are common culprits of cloaking our homes in hair!  Dogs have three types of hair: primary, secondary and tactile hairs. Shedding sees the drop of the secondary hairs, which are soft and fluffy, often coating our furniture, carpet and clothing. Shedding is a natural mean...

Canine Grooming and Care

May 22, 2013

With summer on the horizon why not give your canine friend a spruce up ready for the warmer weather; it certainly will be time well spent! Regular grooming is important for your dog and good care and maintenance of his skin and coat allows your dog to remain clean and healthy. A good grooming session prevents the build up for dirt and bacteria in your canine's coat and limits the risk of yeast ...

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