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Biotin for Horses
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Hoof care is a vital part of summer management for anyone that owns horses. The summer weather can cause our equines feet to dry out, leading to problems such as cracks, heat and bruises. Any horse that has ‘poor feet’ will fare worse in drier months when there’s less moisture, and the ground has more concussive forces. Remember the quality of the horse’s hoof growth is linked to their nutritional status. It is important that horse owners provide a good diet all year round allowing the hoof to receive essential nutrients from the blood. This is vital in order to stimulate growth and repair. Here are our Five Top Tips for Summer Hoof Care 1. ) Regularly pick your horse’s feet out and look out for any changes, e.g. cracks, heat in the horse’s feet, or an increase in the digital pulse. Discuss all changes with your hoof care professional. 2. ) Use a fly spray during warmer weather as your horse often will stomp and kick the ground, potentially damaging his hoof health and if shod, his shoes, when getting irritated by flies and midges. 3. ) Include a supplement in the diet containing Biotin, Methionine, MSM and Lysine such as Robust Hoof Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products to support and promote hoof health and hoof growth. 4. ) Avoid applying cosmetic, topical products that do not allow the hoof to ‘breathe’. 5. ) Ensure you provide a healthy diet, full of nutrients to support hoof and general health all year round for your equines and when the grazing becomes poor and bleached during the summer months consider adding a nutritious supplement to the diet. A range of equine and canine supplements are available from Scientific Nutritional Products, including Robust Hoof Supplement which contains Biotin, Methionine, Lysine and MSN for strong hoof growth. The ethos of Scientific Nutritional Products is refreshing, manufacturing high specification equine and canine supplements without compromise, selling directly to customers through their website www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk in order to make their products exceptional value for money. For more information or to receive one-to-one advice contact our nutritional specialist Peter Fishpool on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774

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