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Scientific Nutritional Products are proud to support Scottish Grand Prix Dressage rider Nicola Gillespie Crolla and her team of horses. Nicola is the current Scottish Dressage Champion at Advanced Medium and Prix St George level. She bases her whole yard of horses on Competition Horse Supplement after initially using the supplement for one horse who became injured. Nicola says that since using Competition Horse Supplement her horses seem much brighter, in their eyes, coats and in themselves. Here is her story. "I first came across Scientific Nutritional Products when sadly my top horse injured himself and had to have 8 weeks off just walking in hand. After four weeks of resting, hand walking and cold hosing he was scanned again to see what progress he had made however the outcome was  disappointing as the injury had not seemed to have improved as much as I had hoped. This outcome spurred me on to do a little research about ligaments and tendons in humans and learned how ligaments connect bone to bone and tendons connect muscles to bone and that the function of these connectors is essential in activities and movements. However, very active people are prone to ligament and tendon damage due to the stress, especially repetitive motions. The good news I found is that many vitamins and minerals have essential roles in tissue repair , including ligament and tendons.  So this is when I realised that it must be the same for horses especially dressage competition horses the are in very hard, repetitive training such as Dressage horses. Though my horses have an excellent diet they might  be lacking some essential vitamins, as like many horses they do not get turned out for  grass in the winter, as my fields are very poor so my horses would definitely  be losing out on the vitamins that the grass provides. Therefore, I decided to try and find a multivitamin supplement for horses. I Googled "Multivitamins for Horses" and came up and took me to the Scientific Nutritional Products website. The website was very easy to use and very informative about  all the products that the company had on offer - the information about the products was both very interesting and it was easy to understand what benefits that your horse gets from using the products. I decided to buy a tub of  the competition multivitamin supplement to see if it would be beneficial to my horses. I phoned the company who was very friendly and helpful, payment was straight forward and I received my product two days later - perfect! I was really pleased that the product smelled good and that you only had to feed one 75kg per day in one meal, the bonus being that my horses liked it too and weren't being fussy because they had powder in their feed. The icing on the cake was when the vet came back  and scanned my injured horse's leg I was absolutely delighted to find that the injury had healed and that I could start training him again! My horses work very hard, compete at a high level and travel a lot therefore they deserve to get an extra boost with a great product. Therefore, I am without doubt going to keep my  horses on this excellent product and will be using  the other exciting range of products in the future too! Scientific Nutritional Products offer a range of supplements including those designed to support competition horses such as Nicola's. For more information visit the website or Tel: 01377 254900

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