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The late summer including the August and September months can results in our fields and pastures becoming riddled with pesky biting insects, midges and flies. This time of year seems to bring the sight of our equines tossing and flicking their heads and tails and twitching their skin to rid themselves of these pests but what can we do as dedicated horse owners to assist our equines in keeping the flies at bay? Here the Five Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products to Keep Your Horse Free of Flies 1.) Select a natural, horse friendly fly repellent spray. Spritz liberally over the body and use a soft towel or cloth to wipe the product on the face, under the eyes and around the sheath and ears of the horse. 2.) If your horse is kept in the field make sure you regularly remove the droppings from his field and when stabled insure the muck heap is as far from the barn as your property allows. Don't forget that un-removed piles of manure provides the ideal spot for flies to feed and lay their eggs. 3.) If your horse is struggling with the amount of flies present during the day time why not consider turning him out at night time to avoid the worst of the biting bugs and annoying midges and flies? 4.) Thoroughly wash your feed tubs, buckets and water troughs once a week as dried up feed can attract flies. Simply rinse out, scrub and refill! 5.) Remember equine sweat attracts flies so always wash your horse off scrupulously after exercise to remove any sweaty or dirty patches. Whilst bees and wasps are more common during the mid part of the day most insects including mosquitoes are most prevalent at sunrise or sunset so where possible avoid riding at these times if your horse or pony is affected. Scientific Nutritional Products offer a range of supplements that promote optimum equine health including equine joint supplements, equine calmer, vitamin and mineral supplements alongside hoof supplements and electrolytes. To see the full range visit the website or to receive one-to-one nutritional advice contact our nutritional specialist Peter Fishpool on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774  or Tel: 01377 254900

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