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Magnesium Calmer for Horses
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The summer competition season is in full swing , so whether you are out competing or taking part in Pony Club Camp or Riding Club activities there is plenty of fun and excitement to be had. However for our equine friends travelling can sometimes induce stress which can lead to weight loss, tiredness and a bad, upset temperament. If you horse becomes stressed whilst travelling it can be a difficult to justify going out to shows, events or simply on a ‘fun ride’. However simple management techniques and high quality supplements such as Calmer Equine from Scientific Nutritional Products can keep your horse happy and healthy whilst travelling in a horse box or trailer. So you can enjoy the important part; the event! Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products 1. ) Loading can provide a challenge for some equines and once stressed the situation can become even more difficult. When loading your horse remember that equines are extremely sensitive to our moods and emotions. Provide a calm, positive environment for your horse to load into his trailer or transport in a quiet, stress free setting.  2.)  Always ensure that sufficient forage is supplied on board so your horse does not become hungry, restless and frustrated whilst travelling. 3.)  Incorporate Calmer Equine in to your horse or pony's diet. The high specification supplement includes Magnesium, Vitamins and Pre and Pro Biotics which provide anti-stress minerals, regulating blood pressure and the release of adrenaline alongside promoting a healthy digestive system. 4.)  Keep your horse protected whilst travelling to negate the risk of accidents and injuries. Boots, bandages, rugs and a poll guard can keep your horse safe, and stop you worrying too! 5.) Always ensure your horse is sufficiently hydrated during and after travelling, on a long journey make several stops to offer your horse water and make sure you remember to give your horse a drink as soon as you arrive at your destination to maintain optimum health and wellbeing, not to mention performance! Following these tips and advice can help to minimise the stress associated with travelling so your horse can arrive at the show fit to perform at his best! A range of equine and canine supplements are available from Scientific Nutritional Products, including Calmer Equine which contains Magnesium, Pre and Pro Biotics and a range of Vitamins include the B Group Vitamins promoting health and a relaxed and calm attitude. Calmer Equine is available from www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk. For more information or to receive one-to-one nutritional advice contact our nutritional specialist Peter Fishpool on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774 or 01377 254900

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