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Glucosamine for Dogs
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Here at Scientific Nutritional Products nothing means more to us that a positive testimonial from a happy customer and animal. That is why we thought we would share with you the fantastic story of greyhound Angel and her owner Cathy. Canine Joint Right was recommended to Angel by her veterinarian Cath Herwerdine MA. VET. MB. BSc M.R.C.V.S after she came to her presenting mobility problems and the relunctance to exercise. Cath says "I examined Angel and found no outward signs for her mobility issues so I recommended that she tried Canine Joint Right from Scientific Nutritional Products as it contains Glucosamine for dogs, Chondriotin, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid which I thought would benefit her joints." Angel's owner Cathy was thrilled to share the fantastic progress she has made since her diet has been supplemented by Canine Joint Right. Cathy reports now that Angel willingly dashes around and plays with other dogs; providing a vast transformation from her former self. Cathy allows informs us that Angel now can cope with going up and down the stairs and freely jumps into the car; ready for action! A busy, healthy dog that is undertaking regular exercise including long walks, days out or simply enjoying playing with other dogs or their owner, can benefit from a Glucosamine for dogs supplement in order to maintain their mobility and comfort long term. Canine Joint Right provides a comprehensive supplement which includes Glucosamine for dogs, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Omega 3 offering your dog the ultimate joint health package. This supplement can help to support joint cartilage, soothe and ease aching joints and the unique addition of MSM helps to build cartilage, ligaments, tendons and synovial fluid. Blended with Brewer's Yeast which is rich in B vitamins Canine Joint Right can boost general health and the palatable supplement can easily be mixed with feed. To find out more about Canine Joint Right or to see more testimonials for the wide range of products available from Scientific Nutritional Products visit the website where we have in excess of 70 glowing customer testimonials. If you would like to talk to our nutritionist about your dog’s individual supplement requirements please feel welcome to call us on 01377 254900.

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