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Caring for the Older Dog

May 23, 2020

Recent years have brought about advances in nutrition and veterinary care which has ensured many of our dogs are happily living for longer. Each older dog will have its own specific needs and requirements but the deterioration of the digestive system, joints and teeth are unfortunately inevitable results of aging for all animals. This can mean that additional supplementation of the diet, increa...

Can you give an unwanted dog a loving home?

Jan 12, 2018

There are many unwanted dogs right at this moment gazing out of kennels hoping to attract each and every passer-by's attention in order to find a family and home of their own. So if you are considering getting a dog yourself why not re-home a dog from one of the many canine rescue centres? Often the cost of taking on a rescue dog is very little and many come already vaccinated, microchipped and...

Making the Best of Winter Competitions

Jan 05, 2018

If you are keen to compete find out what is going on near you by consulting your local venues websites, Facebook pages or some of the collective online event search websites such as Equo Events or Horse Monkey. Once you have set a show day you then need to decide how to get the best out of your horse on the day and plan accordingly. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look… Five Top Tips fo...

Caring for our Horses and Ponies in Winter

Jan 18, 2016

After the prolonged wet, muddy conditions the weather is finally taking a colder turn. So this week Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at winter feeding in our latest blog to give horse owners a helping hand with plenty of tips and advice to get through the colder time and ensure their equines maintain optimum health and wellbeing. During the winter our horses and ponies require addi...

Equine Joint Care

Dec 11, 2015

Whether your four-legged friend competes in Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping or if he is simply a fun hack or leisure horse joint care is essential for all equines. Our horse's joints are crucial structures facilitating movement and absorbing impact and the joint naturally suffers wear and tear over the years so therefore must be supported. Taking good care of your equine's joints can ensure y...

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