Equine Respiratory Health in the Wintertime

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During the winter time when our horse’s stabled time increases it can often lead to problems with our equine’s respiratory health resulting in problems ranging from mild coughs and runny noses to raging cases of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This can create welfare problems but in addition it is important to remember that the horse cannot succeed in, and enjoy ridden work if suffering with a respiratory problem. This is because the equine’s ability to respire literally dictates how much oxygen can be inhaled and in turn how much energy can be produced, as oxygen fuels the functioning of the muscular system. What Damage Can Respiratory Issues Cause? Inhaling dust and mould spores during increased stable time can lead to damage such as inflammation of the airways, reduced air space and irritation of the cells which may cause secretion of mucus leading to a runny nose and a weakened immune system. What conditions can Equines suffer from? Our equines can develop more serious conditions such as Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Heaves or broken wind are also possible alongside the more common issues such as bronchitis , tracheitis and congestion. How can Respiratory Issues be avoided?  When considering minimising the risk of respiratory problems management choices are key. Though sometimes it can be difficult during the winter time it is well worth trying to turn out our equines in the field wherever possible. The stable that you provide should be well ventilated, stabling with a high roof, such as an American barn style is ideal as it increases the amount of air changes, minimising excessive dust. Remember to investing in high quality bedding which is dust extracted too and commit to keeping your stable and your yard area clean and hygienic! In addition it is important to protect our equine's immune system with a healthy, balanced diet which incorporates all the vital vitamins and minerals they need. MSM Supplement is an ideal addition to the diet as the 99.9% pure, human grade supplement is essential for a good immune system and efficient lung functioning. Vitamins and minerals play a multitude of roles within the body including supporting the immune system, bone and teeth structure, benefitting eyesight and assisting nerve and muscle functioning. Horse & Pony Multi-vitamin Supplement includes over 25 essential vitamins and minerals providing equine's the nutrients they need to minimise the risk of coughs and colds this season.. The palatable powder supplement can be easily added to small amounts of feed, such as a low calorie chaff and is ideal for those equine's in rest or light work. Horse & Pony Multi-vitamin Supplement and MSM supplement are available from www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk or by contacting a member of our team on Tel: 01377 254 900

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