Equine Care over the Christmas Period

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The festive period brings a much looked-forward-to time of frivolity and parties, not to mention plenty of food and presents. However this exciting time often means that we have less time to spend at the yard with our equines. The last thing we want to do in “the season of good-will” is to leave our horse or pony to go without, so here at Scientific Nutritional Products we thought we would share our top tips to make sure that your equine has happy holidays too! Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products for Equine Care Over Christmas Time 1.)    Always supply ample forage and water in the field or stable alongside a diet which ensures our equines are receiving all the necessary nutrients they require to maintain optimum health. While you are tucking into your Christmas dinner make sure your horse has the carbohydrate, protein, fats and the vitamins and minerals he needs in his diet. Over the winter time it can be beneficial to include a supplement such as Competition Horse Supplement or Horse & Pony Multivitamin Supplement to boost the nutritional value of their diet. 2.)    If you have a friend or family member helping you look after your equine over the Christmas period make sure you provide them with specific instructions. Why not write a list to make sure everything is clear and your equestrian assistant knows exactly what feed, rugs, supplements and exercise your horse needs? 3.)    Try not to cut your horse’s exercise! Ensure your equine is not bored in his box over Christmas, and more importantly maintaining a regular exercise routine is better for his all-round health. Why not bring the family to the yard or organise a group hacking ride with friends? 4.)    If you do miss a few days riding over the festive period you may need to reduce the quantities of concentrate feed provided to your horse but make sure his fibre requirements are still met with plenty of forage. 5.)    In cold, wet weather the immune system of the equine can sometimes be compromised, particularly if they are spending a high proportion of their time stabled which can be a dusty environment.  Include MSM Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products in the diet. The unique supplement encourages blood circulation and promotes a healthy immune system and good lung functioning. So Merry Christmas everyone and we hope that the top tips from Scientific Nutritional Products help you and your horse to enjoy the holiday period! To find out more about the range of supplements available from Scientific Nutritional Products visit the website www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk or to speak to a member of our team contact us on Tel: FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774 or Tel: 01377 254900 or why not check out our other equine and canine health related blogs through our website?

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