Getting Fit and Ready for the Season

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Getting a Fit!  So after the christmas break why not start getting yourself and your equine partner fit for the coming season? In order to enjoy your riding, training and competing to the full this coming season, it is critical your horse is fit for the level of work he will be doing alongside receiving the correct nutrients to succeed. After the winter period many equines need to develop their fitness in preparation for a higher level of work. Fitness should be worked on gradually over a period of weeks to enable the horse’s body to adjust to the changes in exercise level. Remember; don’t take short cuts or rush the process as sudden increases in work can result in risking causing much more harm than good.

Prior to beginning fitness work the horse’s general health needs to be checked so get up to date with any vaccinations, dentistry checks, shoeing or worming that is required. When your equine has had some time off work or has been operating under a reduced working regime it is vital than when we increase our expectations that we also provide in the diet the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients they require to succeed. Pure Distilled MSM Supplement from Horse Supplements Direct is a constituent of vitamins, co-enzymes and antioxidants, good health and peak fitness and ideal to be fed during the fittening process. Including a vitamin and mineral supplement throughout the season is a must for all competition horses such as Competition Horse Supplement contains over 30 beneficial nutrients!

Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products for Getting Your Horse Fit!

1.) Begin your fitness schedule with walk work. Start by walking your equine for 20 minutes and build it up for over an hour. Walking up and down hills is particularly good for balance, conditioning and muscle development.

2.) Include MSM Supplement in your equine's diet to encourage blood circulation, promote an efficient immune system and improve lung function, in turn soothing muscles and optimise natural recovery time after exercise.

3.) Use extended periods of canter work when your horse or pony's fitness increases in order to improve and build your horse’s cardiac endurance but make sure you give your equine plenty of walks in between to break up the work!

4.) Ensure you always complete a sufficient warm up and cool down process to protect your equine’s muscles, tendons and ligaments from injury and after riding if the weather is cool cover your horse with a absorbent rug.

5.) Include an essential multi vitamin & mineral supplement in the diet of competition horses. Competition Horse Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products contains over 30 essential nutrients and ensures horses and ponies receive the micro nutrients they require to maintain peak condition when they are working hard easing the stress and strain from training, travelling and competing.

For more information about Scientific Nutritional Products and the wide range of equine supplements available visit the website or contact the team on Tel: 01377 245900 or FREE PHONE 0800 032 7774

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