Why Do Dogs Jump Up?

It is a natural behaviour for our canines to jump up when they re saying hello to us or to new people. Why? Because were taller than they are! When dogs meet, they sniff each others faces. This means therefore they like to do the same thing when greeting us, so its perfectly natural for dogs to jump up to try to reach our faces and get our attention. However for many dog owners this is an unwanted behaviour and dogs leaping to get closer to your face to say hello, often with a few stray licks incorporated, is not appreciated by guests to our home. So in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at how to reduce our dogs jumping up.

Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products to Reduce your Dog Jumping Up.

Don’t Increase the Dog’s Excitement.

One of the lovely things about having a dog is that when you come home your dog will always be happy to see you. However if you encourage this excitement with your actions and body language, it will amplify your dog’s enthusiasm. When you come home keep your voice and tone neutral and if you can try not to stroke your dog  until he is calm and all four paws are on the floor!

Don’t Reward Him for Jumping Up

It sounds simple, but simply ignoring your dog when he is jumping up by turning your back on him and looking away from him will eventually teach him that this behaviour does not bring attention. In order to extinguish the behaviour you will need to be consistent with this and you will also need to stop all family members and even guests visiting the house from looking, petting or communicating with your dog while he is jumping it. By doing this it will stop the behaviour much more quickly than if there is intermittent rewarding through positive reinforcement for jumping up.

Reward Him for Not Jumping Up

As soon as your dog isn’t jumping up it is important to praise him so he understands that having paws on the ground receives a positive outcome.  As soon as he starts to leap again, turn your back. Dog owners often find themselves frustrated during the early stages, but eventually your persistence will pay off.

Coping with Guests

If your dog is prone to jumping up whilst out walking on when guests come to the home keep him on a lead by your side in these situations. For example when you hear the door, ask your dog to sit and reward this behaviour verbally or with a treat. When the guest comes inside ask them to ignore your dog. Keep rewarding the calm behaviour and asking them to sit. Only allow your canine friend off-lead when you are sure he will reliably sit by your side.

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