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The competing horse is an athlete requiring specialist management and optimum nutrition. But feeding the ‘fizzy’ or excitable competition equine can be considerably more challenging, and many owners struggle with how to offer the essential nutrients their horse needs but avoid creating a ‘hot’ temperament. Every horse owner will be able to tell you about an occasion when they have experienced certain effects on a horses’ behaviour as a result of a feedstuff or its dietary components. All equines should be treated as individuals but in many cases similarities can be drawn between equines and the type of feed which is causing them to behave badly! In the case of an energy overload resulting in poor behaviour the common culprit is the grain content of the diet and the level of starches and sugar. Cereals such as oats, barley and maize will provide quick release energy through starch.  This type of energy is rapidly broken down by the digestive system causing a rush of fuel to the blood stream which can encourage excitability. Though some degree of starch in the diet is essential for the hard working competition horse, a feedstuff which provides slow release energy, such as a feed high in fibre and fat which is utilised more gradually, typically results in less hyperactivity issues in equines. For those horses which don’t get on well with a high starch diet but still require optimum nutrition including a supplement such as Competition Horse Supplement alongside a high forage diet can give the competing horse the boost they need to perform at their best. A supplement such as Competition Horse Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products can provide a ration balancer to provide the missing nutrients in the diet with the compound containing over 30 essential nutrients. To find out more why not visit the website today www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk or to speak to a member our of team to receive bespoke advice about your horse Tel: 01377 254900 or FREEPHONE: 0800 032 7774

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