Canine Care Over Christmas

Christmas brings with it a lot of excitement in the home (although probably quieter this year). This can really test our canine's tolerance, patience and behaviour especially when there may be reduced exercise, heightened excitement around the home, not to mention a host of sparkly decorations and tempting smelling food around the house!

So in our last blog for 2020 Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at canine care over the Christmas period. 


Having more people around the home can prove either exciting or stressful for your dog. Ensure house-guests understand your canine's individual needs; whether that is to limit petting or stroking to a minimum, allowing the dog to retreat to a quiet corner when he needs to, or for the more exuberant types not rewarding them for behaviour such as jumping up! If you are struggling with dog training tasks over the Christmas period assess whether your dog is listening to you or distracted by their environment and make sure you get your dog's 100% attention before you ask him to complete a task or behaviour as otherwise the competing distractions may affect our dog's capacity to perform a command.


We may be able to cope with a little bit of festive food indulgence but don't be tempted to do the same and pack your dog full of treats. More importantly than watching out for your canine packing on the pounds from too many table scraps is canine food poisoning! Some human foods are dangerous to dogs and some of common foods on the list causing issues may surprise you, such as; Guacamole, Chocolate, and Macadamia nuts to name but a few! 

The festive period can produce a hectic environment and more food preparation so it may be wise to attempt to keep our canines away from the kitchen and any store cupboards all together as many other items commonly found on the kitchen shelves can seriously harm your dog, including such as baking powder, baking soda, nutmeg and other spices.  

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve brings with it a party-atmosphere for most people but our animals can find some of the activities involved, such as fireworks, highly stressful.

It is natural for animals to be afraid of loud noises as our four-legged friends experience the world through their senses — nose, eyes, ears.

To your dog the experience of fireworks is different than other natural loud noises, like thunder. Fireworks are closer to the ground, more vibrant, and are accompanied by sudden booms, flashes and burning smells 


Five Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products for Coping with Fireworks

1.) Keep your dog indoors on New Year's Eve to minimise their exposure to the flashes and bangs of fireworks.  

2.) Playing music in the home to drown out the noise can be helpful.

3.) Ensure that you, or someone experienced with animals, stays with your dog if you know that fireworks are being set off in the local area to offer comfort and to deal with any emergency situation which may arise. 

4.) Exercise your four-legged friends during the day so any excess energy is reduced. 

5.) Always remain calm yourself  as our perceptive animals will be able to sense this. 


Where possible don't reduce your canine's exercise over the Christmas period. Exercise not only allows your dog to stretch their legs and expend their excess energy but also will ensure your dog remains as calm and relaxed as possible. Why not make the dog walk a sociable event rather than a chore and invite your family and friends to join in on a walk in the woods or a play session in the park?


A range of canine and equine supplements are available from Scientific Nutritional Products. The ethos of the company is refreshing, manufacturing high specification dog supplements without compromise, selling directly to customers through their website in order to make their products exceptional value for money. For more information or to receive one-to-one nutrition advice specific to your dog contact our nutritional specialist Peter Fishpool on FREEPHONE 0800 032 7774 


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