A Very Horsey Christmas

Christmas is upon us.  However this exciting time often means that we have less time to spend at the stables with our four-legged friends especially on christmas day. So in our latest blog Scientific Nutritional Products takes a look at equine care over the Christmas period with our top tips!

 Top Tips from Scientific Nutritional Products for Equine Care over the Festive Period. 

Supply ample forage and water in stable or field alongside a concentrate feed containing all the necessary nutrients including; carbohydrate, protein, fats and the vitamins and minerals to ensure our equines maintain optimum health. Over the winter time it can be beneficial to include an all round Horse Vitamin and Mineral supplement such as Competition Horse Supplement or Horse & Pony Multivitamin Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products to boost the nutritional value of the diet when the nutrient quality of their forage has reduced.

  • Where possible try not to cut your horse’s exercise too much! A dramatic reduction in exercise can increase the risk of issues such as colic and laminitis, not to mention boredom and stress.  If missing a few days riding over the festive period is essential remember you may need to reduce the quantities of concentrate feed provided to your horse to avoid health issues but make sure you still supply plenty of forage.
  • If you have a trusted friend or a member of staff helping you look after your equine over the Christmas period make sure you provide them with specific instructions to avoid accidents and mishaps. Write a list for them to make sure everything is clear and whoever is helping you knows exactly what feed, rugs, supplements and exercise your horse needs.
  • Avoid giving your horse too many edible Christmas treats. A horse’s gut bacteria need to adapt to any changes slowly, so packing him full of treats or giving him a feed stuff he’s never had before as a Christmas ‘treat’ could cause digestive issues. Instead, stick to just a treat or two and provide him with a thorough groom, a lovely new rug or a smart new headcollar!
  • In cold, wet weather the immune system of the equine can sometimes be compromised, particularly if they are spending a high proportion of their time stabled in possibly a dustier environment.  Include MSM for Horses Supplement from Scientific Nutritional Products in their diet. This unique supplement encourages blood circulation and promotes a healthy immune system and good lung functioning.

Merry Christmas everyone and we hope that the top tips from Scientific Nutritional Products help you and your horse to enjoy the holiday period! To find out more about the range of supplements for Horses and Glucosamine for Dogs available from Scientific Nutritional Products or to keep up with our weekly blog visit our website www.horsesupplementsdirect.co.uk

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